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Map of Silentera Canyon (post-6.0)

Silentera Canyon is a narrow underground passage connecting Inggison and Gelkmaros. It was added with the 2.0 update to act as the game's endgame PvPvE area, seeing as it not only contained the access point to the Beshmundir Temple instance but also directly connected to the opposing faction's land (which was normally only accessible via rifts). As later updates came out Silentera Canyon was mostly left abandoned.

With the 6.0 update this region was recycled into an instanced zone that can only be accessed once, during the relevant campaign quest (similar to Sky Temple Interior). The map now is the setting for the new level 55 campaigns; Tango quest icon.png A Knife in the Heart [?] (Elyos Logo small.png Elyos) and Tango quest icon.png The Advance [?] (Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian). Most paths were sealed off, making it a straight route from the player's faction drop point to Jotun Square. Once the player reaches level 56 it becomes completely inaccessible.

Lay of the Land[]

Silentera is a narrow canyon that extends into a vast underground cavern system. At the heart of the region lies a Jotun studio, where Aion's protectors are still functioning millennia after the Cataclysm. In addition to the Jotun and their constructs the area is also teeming with spiders and Dragonbound, as well as Balaur's Laksyaka Legion which patrols the corridors near Beshmundir Temple. Especially in the bottom half of the map players should traverse with caution.

Original map of Silentera Canyon, showing the faction's drop points and infiltration routes.

Elyos players spawn at the Silentera Westgate, while Asmodian players appear at Silentera Eastgate. The left and right halves of the map have a number of the faction's guards patrolling them, but are navigable with minor care. On the other faction's side, players may interact with the portals found at the end of the Mitrakand Gate/Volgaltem Pass (Elyos Logo small.png Elyos) or the Angrief Pass/Hanarkand Pass (Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian) to invade the opposing faction's map.


  • After the 4.0 update controlling the fortresses in Inggison/Gelkmaros was no longer a requirement for accessing Silentera Canyon.
  • Silentera Canyon originally had two instances in it: Beshmundir Temple (bottom of the map), which was later moved to Enshar and Cygnea, and The Hexway, which completely removed.