Collect a Klaw Shell and some Spirit Essence needed to craft the Siel's Tears Earrings.

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Objectives Edit

  • Take the materials needed to make the Siel's Tears Earrings to <Lanse>.
<Klaw Shell> (0/5)
<Spirit Essence> (0/1)

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Walkthrough Edit

The Klaw Shells are from <Veteran Klaw Fighters> found in Taran's Cavern. They will drop one each time, but not one for each person with the quest. The Spirit Essence is from <Blackwater Spirits> found in the lake to the east of Desert Garrison. Get the items and return to Lanse.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Altgard crystals are the only stones I use for these earrings. Naturally, the hooks and filigree require a little gold, but the item's elegance lies in its simplicity.
The simpler the item, the more you can see the mark of its creator. When I make these earrings, I let my mind relax. I let my hands become waves, lapping at the crystal as I polish it, so eventually it is perfectly smooth, as smooth as water.
This requires a suitable abrasive. Luxury items can't be crafted with cheap tools."
1 "Is that a problem?"
"Not until recently. I've developed a method that combines processed crustacean shells with finely ground Spirit Crystal. The results are remarkable!
Because of the war in the Abyss, there hasn't been much demand for luxury goods. Most of my time has been put to use crafting devotional items or supplies for the Abyss. I've completely run out of this abrasive.
You seem a determined sort. Would you be able to find the materials for me? If I break a finger trying to gather those things, I'll get no work done at all!"

Accept Edit

"Excellent! I'll need a Klaw Shell--obviously the Klaw aren't going to just hand them over--plus some Spirit Essence. The essence I got from the Blackwater Spirits was among the best I've ever used.
The crystal shouldn't take too long to fashion if you can bring me these items."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"What?! I can't polish the Altgard Crystal without the right abrasive.</p>
It would be folly to use a lesser quality substance. Maybe someone who cares about quality will come by and help me out....
X "Maybe later."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The crystal's cut, the metalwork sculpted, every hook and joint has been crafted with immaculate precision. Now for the polishing.
Did you bring me what I asked for?"
1 "As promised."
"Ah! Excellent!
After I grind the Klaw shell and Spirit Essence, I'll have all the abrasive I need. The skill of the Handicrafter is not only their dexterity, but selecting the right tools and materials!
These earrings will be finished soon. Thank you for your help. You're a Daeva of your word!"
Without the items
"You haven't had time to collect them yet? Well, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. I could use a break.
I'll still need those things, though. Remember--a Klaw Shell and Spirit Essence. That's all I need."
X "Consider it done."

Summary Edit

Lanse said that in order to craft the Siel's Tears Earrings, she would need the proper abrasive. You procured the Klaw shell and Spirit Essence she needed to make the abrasive.

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