Siel's Spear were formed from Siel's most loyal followers and lead by the Lady herself. They completed several tasks before the Catacylsm.

They were sent against the Udas Temple and Beritra  as part of their expedition to Atreia's surface. They were powerful and had a lot of artifacts what helped them in the battle. The Daevas of Siel's Spear were in the middle of a fight against the Balaur, when the Tower of Eternity was destroyed. After this event they had to hide because they lost their power and were hunted by the Balaur.

When Kahrun united the Reians, this legion was reformed and still serves Siel and tries to preserve her memory. They helped Kahrun drive out the Balaur from Sarpan. At present, <Rafael> is the commander of this legion. 

After completing all the 3.0 campaign quests, Kahrun offers characters a position in the legendary Siel’s Spear Legion. 

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