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Siel's Relics guarded by Tiamat

Siel's Relics were nearly omnipotent artifacts forged long ago. Acting as a vessel to access Tower Guardian Siel's leftover power on Atreia, they used to be able to grant its possessor the ultimate ability to mould time at their wish.

When someone is in control of them, their abilities, power and defences are also greatly amplified.

History Edit

Assault on Balaurea Edit

Siel's Relics made their first appearance when a Dredgion crashes in front of the Asmodians' drop point in Gelkmaros.

Organised by Tiamat to discover the location of the Relics and get hold of them, an expeditionary group had boarded the ship. As their task proved to be successful, they headed back to Tiamaranta. However, trouble broke loose when betrayal surged between the expedition. Kumbanda, one of the several soldiers on board, defied his Dragon Lord and made up his mind to steal the Relics from his comrades.

After the crash, he was chased into Cowards Cove, a small nearby cave, by the Balaur survivors. Kumbanda was encircled. However, to his former comrades' surprise, he was in possession of Siel's Relics, enabling him to dispose of them with ease and escape.

The chase for Kumbanda and the Relics began; not only by the Balaur, but by the Asmodians as well. As both sides battle each other to find the betrayer, who is also attempting to discover a portal able to free him from the gorged regions Gelkmaros is. Both sides ultimately follow him to the same location, the Beshmundir Temple. The Asmodians are the first to arrive, who energetically confront him. Nonetheless, Tiamat's soldiers soon arrive and manage to capture Kumbanda, putting an end to his search.

While the race to acquire the Relics ends, a greater danger surges. With Dragon Lord Tiamat controlling them, the threat she posses may put an end to the war, though to her favour.

Ascension Edit

With the shield protecting Tiamaranta from any assaults down, Elyos and Asmodians prepare for an assault on Tiamat's domain. Few expected this battle to last some moments, as Tiamat herself plunged into the battlefield and wiped the intruders with on sweep due to the Relics' boosting power. Fortunately for Daevas, Reians showed up and saved them from total annihilation.

As things established in Sarpan, mysterious Balaur scouts were spotted around the region. They were sent by Tiamat in order to find the only being with the ability to neutralise the Relics' power; Oriata, an ancient protector whose location has been unknown for several years. Finding her first would allow the Balaur to use the Relics without worrying about someone fighting back.

Daevas eventually manage to discover Oriata's location. After disposing of Balaur who had traced them down, the Protector spawns in the Daevas' face, granting them the power so sought by Tiamat. With the Protector's blessing, preparations for the final confrontation against the Dragon Lord begin.

Tiamat's Fall Edit

Aware of the events and predicting her death if she does not proceed with caution, Tiamat decides to hold a conference with Kahrun, the Reian leader. To his surprise, this turned out to be a trap. With the assistance of the Relics, Kahrun is sent back to an unknown past, taking him out of the titanic battle against the Daevas who braved into her throne room.

On the verge of death, Daevas are surrounded. However, just in time, an Empyrean Lord appears and aids them (Marchutan, if they are Asmodian - Kaisinel, if they are Elyos). Tiamat stands before them as a real threat with the Relics empowering her. However, after nullifying their presence, Tiamat fell dead. With the power of the Relics temporarily neutralised, Tiamat's doings were reverted; between them, Kahrun was returned to the battle, now over. All of a sudden, Lord Israphel appeared and stole the Relics, startling everyone.

The chase for the Relics began once more, with Israphel, not only being the center of attention, but also being far ahead of everyone. Analysing traces of energy left by its use, the Relics soon reveal their location and lead Daevas to Israphel's hiding place.

As they arrive, the Empyrean Lord reveals his plan about utilising the abilities of Siel's Relics to revert time back to before the Cataclysm. With the Relics in his side, he would be able to slay every Balaur in Atreia and rise as its sole leader. The Daeva attempts to use the Protector's blessing on the Relics, however this resulted in being completely useless as Israphel easily swept him away. With Israphel putting his plan in motion, all fate seemed lost, and then suddenly Siel's spirit spawned before both. Her blinding presence frightened Israphel. The Lady then lit the room with great strength, putting an end to her Relics and Israphel.

The Daeva, confused about the events, told the tale only with the highest ranked allies. With the Relics now gone, a calm time begins. Siel's and Israphel's involvement still remains as secret to most Daevas and Reians.

Steel Cavalry Edit

Further into the future, an Aethertech is instructed on how Ide is present in Atreia, tasked to travel back in time to Oriata's dwelling. Talking to her, the lesson begins.

Together, they travel back even further in time to Tiamat's death. Arriving at the scene, they remain hidden until the Dragon Lord's body stands dead and the room deserted. A closer look at her body revealed how after exhausting the power of the Relics, certain traces of Ide were left. This revealed how Siel's Relics used Ide, along with Siel's power, to control reality.

The lesson continued after being sent to Israphel's final moments, where the Aethertech was able to discover small shards left over by the Relics. This ultimately proved how when or wherever the Relics were used, they left a faint trace of Ide, showing how this substance is present in the most ancient locations and objects.

Astonished by these discoveries, the Aethertech is sent back to his time. His newly acquired knowledge about Ide will aid their faction to understand this mysterious element.

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