Collect Odium and bring it to Moofrenerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Fine Odium> (0/5)
<Raw Odium> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, continue on in Haramel and collect the needed odium. Talk to Moofrenerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Daeva needs information...and Moorilerk has a price. Daeva will want to hear this. Real tasty information for Daeva...if the price is right.
The Shugo you want is <Gestanerk>...does business in Haramel. Makes good quality Odium and Odella. Real tasty. Daeva looking to buy some?
Haramel has best stuff. Now pay Moorilerk for information."
1 "Tell me about Haramel, Shugo!"
"Fine, nyerk! Haramel is place where Dukaki kidnapped from Elysea and Skurvs kidnapped from Asmodae are forced to make dirty Odium and Odella.
Dukaki dig it, and Skurvs cultivate it. Haramel is bad place. Haramel extracts Aether and sells to both Elysea and Asmodae. Black market stuff.
There's a tower in the facility there, nyerk. Gestanerk knows more. Gestanerk is the Shugo you want...not Moorilerk. Moorilerk just a victim, nyerk."
1 "What's the low-down on Gestanerk?"
Moorilerk say no more! Say enough already! Weak little Shugo like me won't do well in a Daeva prison....
Cannot tell you any more...but Moorilerk's brother can. If Daeva keeps our names out of arrest report, we'll help you, nyerk.
Shugo and Daeva have deal? Moorilerk's brother will tell more if we have deal. A big transaction is about to go down...Daevas with big Kinah involved."

Accept Edit

"Daeva needs to get to Haramel Tower to talk with brother. Pass through the entrance near here...then Daeva see the place Dukaki dig and refine the Odium.
Grab five unrefined Ores and five refined Odiums and take to Moorilerk's brother Moofrenerk in the tower.
If Shugo brother happy with the gift you bring him, brother will tell you all about Gestanerk. But no information!"
X "Better be solid intel, Shugo!"

Decline Edit

"What do you mean you cannot, nyerk?
Moorilerk will not give Daeva information if our deal not honored. Daeva has nothing on Moorilerk. Will serve one day in prison...then home in my own bed.
Daeva on your own now!"'
X "You'll see bars soon."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Why is Daeva here? Did Gestanerk send you? Send you to get money from poor Moofrenerk?
Moofrenerk have three more days to pay, Daeva! Three days....
Or did Moorilerk send you? What is in Daeva's hands there?"
1 "Odium...for information."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Moofrenerk's mouth only work with Kinah...or Odium. A tasty gift greases the conversation.
No gift, no talk! Now go, Daeva. If Gestanerk knew about this, Moofrenerk will get in big trouble, nyerk."
X "Maybe I'll tell him then."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Yes, yes, this is high-quality Odium. Hard to get...Kralls are very strict. You found this gift to help me talk, Daeva?
Moofrenerk will tell you what you want to know. Gestanerk is the Shugo you want. You nab him, whole Odium operation goes kapoot!"

Summary Edit

Moorilerk said if you bring Odium from inside Haramel to his brother, he'll give up information on Gestanerk.

So you collected Odium and brought it to Moofrenerk. He was pleased and confirmed that Gestanerk is the Shugo behind the Odium operation.

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