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Shugos are pure-hearted free spirits, utterly incapable of anything sinister.

A typical Shugo, nyerk!

The Shugo are friendly to both the Elyos and the Asmodians as they are considered a neutral merchant race within Atreia.

Shugos in society[]

Smaller in size to most other races of the world, they tend to use their clever negotiating skills to avoid most skirmishes – they also have the ability to "play dead" to quite a believable degree. Most races understand the importance of the Shugo to their society and commerce and would likely protect them from invaders when given the chance. And what's not to like? The Shugo are extremely friendly and generally have a happy disposition.

They are well-known for their sense of economics and at some points, greed. They generally take up occupations such as bankers and merchants.

The Shugo are also known for their cube artisan expertise which increases inventory space. For a price, of course.


Before the Millenium War, they were a peaceful aethership builder race. They had the largest shipyard at the feet of Aion's Tower. When Shugos were crushed by the Balaur and their technology was stolen, they promised themselves they would become stronger. The Balaur used their technology as the core of the Dredgion project. During the Millennium War, the Shugo used their cunning to take control of trade and commerce within the cities. As time grew on, a division of Shugo traders began to smuggle items through the Abyss and between both worlds.

The Shugo in Asmodae are members of the Black Cloud Traders, while those in Elysea are aligned with the Wind Breeze Shop.

Shugos are renowned for their expertise in technology and are responsible for much of the technological advancement that has taken place throughout Atreia.

In the game you can find lore that states: Shugo's are strange beings, as they are not influenced by habitat. The Asmodian Shugo's do not have more fur than an Elysean Shugo, even though it's far more colder there.

List of Shugo NPCs[]

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  • Shugo was a title, commonly translated as "Governor," given to certain officials in feudal Japan.