Map with markers

Many different Services are offered throughout Atreia. Opening your map for an area and zooming in over a town or outpost will reveal some symbols that represent fairly commonly needed services, such as obelisks, brokers, merchants, mailboxes and flight transporters. Hovering over the symbol will show the NPC name.

General Services Edit

The following list provides an idea of the types of services you can expect to find in many locations as you journey through Atreia.

Found in most towns and outposts
Found in many main towns

Specialized Services Edit

Some services are found in only a few locations, and some are restricted to the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum. Planning ahead to use several services when visiting the capitals can save the cost of repeated journeys to those cities. Info Boards in each capital can quickly locate a specific service.

Services only in capital cites
Services found only in a few locations
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