A Server, in computer networking, is simply a program that operates as a socket listener. The term server is also often generalized to describe a host that is deployed to execute one or more such programs.

In Aion's case, a server is considered a game server, which is a remotely or locally run server used by game clients to play multiplayer video games. Most video games played over the Internet operate via a connection to a game server.

A server duplicates (mirrors) the world of Aion across multiple, identical "universes" to prevent any one server from becoming too crowded (and thus overwhelming the server), to provide for better connection times (by having players connect to local servers), and to allow for localized communities based on language (for example, German speakers on servers in Germany).

Server MergesEdit

On June 22, 2010, they announced that several of the previous servers would be merged into new servers (FAQ).

The following is a list of the new servers and what old servers they are composed of:

North America
  • Siel Server (West Coast)
» Siel & Ariel
  • Vaizel Server (West Coast)
» Vaizel, Kaisinel, Yustiel & Fregion
  • Israphel Server (East Coast)
» Israphel, Lumiel & Marchutan
  • Zikel Server (East Coast)
» Zikel, Triniel, Azphel & Meslamtaeda
  • Nezekan Server (Oceanic)
» No Change
  • Spatalos Server (ENG)
» Spatalos & Gorgos
  • Telemachus Server (ENG)
» Telemachus & Castor
  • Perento Server (ENG)
» Perento, Kahrun & Kalil
  • Kromede Server (GER)
» Kromede & Votan
  • Thor Server (GER)
» Thor & Nerthus
  • Balder Server (GER)
» Balder& Lephar
  • Urtem Server (FRA)
» Urtem & Vidar
  • Suthran Server (FRA)
» Suthran, Arbolu & Deltras
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