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Enter Karlatu's nightmare and terminate the prisoners in the dungeon.

Quest Information[]


  • Enter the Kromede's Trial and terminate the Dungeon Prisoners that irritate Karlatu. (0/8)
  • Talk with Karlatu.

Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


After getting the quest, enter Kromede's Trial by speaking to Bridget. Work through the instance to Kaliga Dungeons. To the right side are prison cells with the prisoners. Kill 8. After exiting the instance, talk to Karlatu to collect the rewards.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I'm sorry to intrude, but I overheard what you said to Bridget. Have you dreamed that dream, too? The one where you hear the names of Kromede and <Robstin>?
Welcome to the club."
1.png "You had the dream, too?"
"Over and over, ever since I bought that Fake Stigma from the Black Cloud Traders. I know I did the wrong it's too late.
What else was I to do? I can't afford a real Stigma!"
1.png "I'd better take that Fake Stigma."
"I wish I could give it to you, but I threw it away a long time ago. If only the nightmare had gone with it!
Bridget said I had to go inside my nightmare to be free of it, but I'm not courageous like you. I'd probably die in there and be lost forever!
I heard you came to the end of your nightmare, so it wouldn't be that difficult for you to go in there again. It's a lot to ask, but could you enter my nightmare for me?"


"Thank you! Oh, thank you! To be rid of the voices...those poor prisoners, locked in the dungeon...tortured. I can feel their sorrow and devastation even now, while I'm awake!
Please, enter my nightmare. Join Kromede's Trial and get rid of those Prisoners."
X.png "I will do what I can."


"I...I suppose it was selfish of me, wasn't it? I'm sorry. I'm just out of my mind from lack of sleep. Dizzy...weak....
I do not want this, but I suppose it's my duty to help myself. I can't be fragile. I must be strong. Disciplined. Thank you for reminding me."
X.png "Blood for blood."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ah, [Player Name]! It's you. From a distance I thought you were a Porgus. I'm so dizzy and absent-minded. I haven't slept a wink for days.
What happened in my nightmare? Have you terminated all the Prisoners that bore witness to Kromede's Trial?"
1.png "They will torment you no more."
"Oh, thank you! Thank you so very much!
I only hope I can sleep. I'm so tired!"


Karlatu said he is also suffering from nightmares, and asked you to help him.

As Bridget advised, you terminated the prisoners of the dungeon who troubled Karlatu the most. Now he should be able to sleep.

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