The Secret Munitions Factory is a weekly solo instance for players of level 10 and above. It was introduced in the 5.1 update as part of the Luna Shop.

This instance is a prime source for Luna crafting materials but especially experience, with one run granting as much as multiple level-ups during lower levels. Furthermore, completing the instance with an S-rank has a 50% chance of awarding an Tempering Solution <[Event] Tempering Solution> in addition to other consumables.

As of the 5.6 patch this instance has also become a primary source for Primary Manastones, with the completion of the associated quest rewarding a total of 90 +6 Primary Manastones of choice.


A Shugo weapon merchant by the name of Mechatunerk has entered into a contract with Maedrunerk and constructed a massive weapons production facility on the island. Work together with the Luna Detachment to shut the facility down.


The Secret Munitions Factory can be accessed through the Taki's Mission tab in Luna Shop. The instance can be entered for free once per week; additional entries can be purchased for Luna Coin 20 Luna.


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  1. x - Regular Single Target (Good for Pulling Mobs)
  2. x - Ranged AoE
  3. x - Close-Ranged AoE
  4. x - Single Target Nuke (Saved for Boss Mobs)
  5. x - Self Heal & Stealth (Useful to reduce enmity)

Part 1: StartEdit

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Part 2: Minibosses & CannonsEdit

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Behind the door there will be a single Siege Factory Watcher, which will cast Alarm when approached. If it is allowed to finish casting and approach the entrance it will summon four adds which serve as a small delay.

Part 3: Final BossesEdit

Throughout both boss fights it is recommended to position oneself between both apparatus (at the top of the "circle" on the ground), and to stick to using your 1/2/4 skills from that location.

Mechaturerk's Machine Monster Edit

At the start of the fight Mechatunerk's Machine Monster will open with Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)>, pulling everyone close to it. Re-position if needed. The fight itself is rather simple, with the boss mainly using Electric Shock (a small range AoE) and Electric Bombardment (MMM), a frontal cone-shaped AoE. Both are avoided if staying on the recommend spot. Adds will continuously spawn from the passages in the back of the room and target the player, but will change target to the NPCs if the player stops attacking for a brief moment. Caution should be exerted at two moments:

  • Azure/Golden Bombs: These walking bombs will appear from either passage in the back of the room when the message "The Azure/Golden Living Bomb has appeared!" appears on the screen. They will start moving towards the player and repeatedly use stun attacks that also inflict heavy damage when in close proximity. They only way to counter them is by interacting with the appropriate device (apparatus) on either side of the player : the Azure (blue) bomb is countered by interacting with the Azurespark apparatus (left), while the Golden (yellow) bomb is countered by interacting with the Goldspark apparatus (right). Once done the bomb will despawn and leave behind a health pod.
  • Destruction Golem are add groups of mixed melee and ranged attackers that will spawn when the message "The Destruction Golem has appeared!" appears on the screen. The first group will spawn on the right side of the room, the second on the left. In both cases aggro can be avoided completely by moving a bit towards the other side (right spawns->move to left; left spawns->move to right) when the message appears. That way the adds will target the NPCs, although they may still change target to the player if he/she attacks them. In that case they should quickly be dispatched by using the (2) and (3) skill. Alternatively, the player may use their (5) skill to enter a hide state and reset aggro.

Fighting MechaturerkEdit

Mechatunerk is mostly the same fight as the Mechatunerk's Machine Monster, but with some changes. Once the preceding Mechatunerk's Machine Monster has been defeated the player should quickly re-position themselves and maintain sufficient distance: Mechatunerk will open with Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)> and spawn the third and final wave of Destruction Golem from the back of the room at the same time. Azure/Golden Bombs will also continue to appear throughout the fight, so players should remain vigilant.

Throughout the fight Mechatunerk will use Electric Slash (close-range AoE that inflicts knockback and stun), Electric Bombardment (upgraded version of the Mechatunerk's Machine Monster skill with a larger hit range and damage) and Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)>. Around 50% HP and below he will periodically plant mines in the room and attempt to detonate them via Area Explosion, which is denoted by the message "Mechatunerk is trying to let his surroundings explode". The blast radius of each mine is indicated with an orange circle: Damage can thus be avoided by finding and moving to a 'safe spot' before they explode.

Below 25% HP Mechatunerk will start to use Area Explosion in combination with any of his other skills. At this point it is recommended to stick to using safe spots which maintain a sufficient distance from the boss.

Once Mechatunerk has been vanquished Jay will appear, allowing the player to turn in any related quests. Mechatunerk's footlocker will also spawn in the back of the room (right-most box) and contain the highly sought-after Mechaturerk&#039;s energy device <Mechaturerk’s Energy Device>. Finally, the Mechaturerk's Core Fragment should be slain for massive EXP.


A rewards bundle containing crafting materials for use in the Luna Shop will be given based on the final Rank. In addition, the player will also be able to kill the numerous Mechaturerk's Core Fragment left behind for a large amount of EXP. Mechaturerk&#039;s energy device <Mechaturerk’s Energy Device> can be looted from the right-most box in the back of the room after the final boss has been slain. Seven of these can be brought to the Eli and exchanged for a Red key <Mechaturerk’s Special Treasure Box Key>, which will yield a Event Flower Box <Mechaturerk’s Special Treasure Box> from the golden Mechaturerk's Special Treasure Box (Object) that spawns after defeating Mechaturerk.


RankTotal ScoreRemaining TimeReward
S 878,600 or above 00:47:00 or above Gold box type 1 <Mechaturerk's Highest Grade Treasure Chest>
A 878,600 or above 00:41:00 or above Silver box type 1 <Mechaturerk's Quality Treasure Chest>
B- 878,600 or above 00:00:00 or above Silver box type 1 <Mechaturerk’s Treasure Chest>
F - - None


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  • This instance was likely designed as a tribute to Aion 4.0, incorporating and recycling many of the assets originally found in the area around Pandarunerk's Delve in Danaria, such as monster models and environmental assets.

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