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A letter of recommendation is required to enter the Secret Library. Go to <Brigade General SuthranSuthran> in Altgard to get your letter.

Quest Information[]


  • Go to Suthran to get a letter of recommendation.
  • Talk with Oubliette.

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 15,000 XP


Talk with Oubliette to receive this quest. Travel to Altgard and obtain your recommendation from Suthran. Return to Oubliette to complete quest and receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"All Asmodians are equal, but there is one place within the walls of Pandaemonium where all are not equal.
The Temple of Knowledge is open to everyone, Humans and Daevas alike...but no one may enter the Secret Library without special permission.
The books and scrolls we keep there are both valuable and delicate."
1.png "How does one get permission?"
"Most of the people who gain access are scholars who've achieved eminence in their fields.
And sometimes those who have accomplished great things for Pandaemonium are given access as a civic honor.
If you want access to the Secret Library, I suggest you provide proof of your notable achievements. For example, you could ask a fortress commander for a letter of recommendation. Can you get such a letter, [Player Name]?"


"I've heard you've been mentioned many times in communiqués from Altgard, [Player Name]. You've made quite a name for yourself there.
You might want to approach Brigade General Suthran, the Altgard fortress commander, for a recommendation.
He's spoken highly of you in the past. I expect he'll be happy to support you."
X.png "I'll head to Altgard then."


"That's all right. Not everyone is stirred by the thought of priceless books or ancient wisdom.
Those books do have lots of long, difficult words in them, after all. And not many pictures.
Run along, now. Run along."
X.png "Hey...!"

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Ah, [Player Name]!
Always good to see a veteran out here.
What can I do for you?"
1.png "Would you write me a recommendation?"
If have completed all Altgard campaigns
"A recommendation? Hmm--and what would you need that for? Are you trying to get into the Secret Library at the Temple of Knowledge, perhaps?
You should just keep working hard as a [Player Class]. There's nothing in a secret room full of books you can't learn on the battlefield.
I suppose it's none of my business. You've proved yourself in the field and that's what matters. Let me just write this out.... Here you go."
X.png "Thank you, Brigade General."
If have not completed all Altgard campaign quests
"Letter of recommendation? What post do you want to be recommended for? Honored Foot-Dragger? Loafer Extraordinary? Twiddler of the Thumbs?
I assign you a mission, you don't bother to complete it, and you saunter back asking for a letter of recommendation?
IF you finish the mission you were assigned in the first place, then I MIGHT recommend you for something other than scrubbing the sun-blasted pots."
X.png ""I'm...I'm sorry, Brigade General."

Reward Dialogue[]

"I see you're back, [Player Name].
Did you get a letter of recommendation from Brigade General Suthran?
It could be your key to the Secret Library...."
1.png "Yes, I did. Here it is."
"I see. You're quite the hero of Asmodae. No wonder we've heard so many fascinating stories about you. I see that some of them, at least, are true....
Welcome to the Secret Library, [Player Name]. From now on, I will admit you whenever you wish."


Oubliette said that, to enter the Secret Library, you would need a letter of recommendation proving that you had achieved great things for Pandaemonium.

You went to Brigade General Suthran in Altgard, received the letter, and got permission to enter the Secret Library.


  • Suthran will not give you his recommendation unless you have completed all his orders (campaign quests) for you in Altgard.
  • Completion of this quest allows you access to the Secret Library at any time.