Order: Speak with Spatalos to receive a secret mission of vital importance to Elysea.

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Talk with Spatalos to obtain this quest. Destroy the Abyss Gate located in the Tursin Garrison. Return to Spatalos to receive reward.

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"I'm glad you're here, [Player Name]. There's been an alarming development. If word of this spread to Sanctum, there'd be panic. I believe you know how to work discreetly and effectively. That's why you're here."
1 "Tell me what I need to do."
"We know that the Abyss is connected to Elysea and Asmodae, but it seems the Balaur also have access to it from their dimension.
It doesn't take a military genius to work out that they'll try to get to Elysea through the Abyss. Of course, they wouldn't dare approach our Abyss Gate with our Guardians protecting it.
But the Krall are constructing their own Abyss Gate using the Odium they've refined. If they succeed, the Balaur will be able to enter Elysea."
1 "We have to stop them!"
"And we will. Or you will. We think the entrance to the Abyss Gate is somewhere in Kraka's Den. When you reach the entrance, touch the guardian stone to summon Kuninasha, who guards the gate. Kill him and take his Seal. It's the only way to block the gate.
Failure is not an option, [Player Name]. The weight of Elysea is on your shoulders. Carry it well, and report back to me once you've sealed the gate."
I can teleport you into Kraka's Den, when you're ready, but make sure you have your allies with you.
1 "Send me on my way!"

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"[Player Name]! You're back. And alive! Did you seal the gate?"
X "I did."
"I chose well in assigning you this mission--you've exceeded my expectations. My report to Sanctum will make prominent mention of you.
Now take your reward, and enjoy the peace you've brought us while you can."

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The Krall were hatching a plot to open an Abyss Gate and bring the Balaur into Elysea.

You found the gate deep in Kraka's Den, as well as Kuninasha, a Nagarant that was guarding it.

You killed the Nagarant and took a seal from him, which you used to block the Abyss Gate.

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