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Danuar Mysticarium map

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium, also known as Sealed Hall of Knowledge, is a solo instance for players of level 65 and above. It can be accessed from the legion territories in Cygnea for Elyos and Enshar for Asmodians. While entries are unlimited, entrance requires holding an Aetheric Field Fragment <Aetheric Field Fragment>.

It was originally added in 4.0 as Danuar Mysticarium (Hall of Knowledge) as a fortress instance only accessible when the faction owned Sillus Fortress in Katalam. It also featured a Legion only version with boosted rewards, only available to the members of the legion owning the fortress. However, it received several changes as of 4.8 to be transformed into its current version.

Backstory Edit

In the peak of their glory, the Danuar had designed and built a vast underground facility beneath Sillus Mountains, which even connected to Idian Depths. It chambers held massive libraries containing ancient knowledge and research laboratories to experiment on Ide.

As time passed however, these hallways were claimed by the Balaur, but they did not stop operating. As the army scavenged the area, their findings were much rewarding than expected as the research conducted by the now fallen tribe was recorded in a variety of codices. With this in mind, they claimed the facility and employed it as a base to conduct twisted experiments on wildlife, sapiens, and even Daevas. After having claimed the fortress above it, Daevas were amused by this centre of knowledge and wish to drive out the Balaur from it.

After Beritra’s invasion forced the Balaur officers to withdraw from the facility, its interior was completely sealed off, while the structure was not affected. However, the chambers were slowly corrupted by the contaminants released from the laboratory, and the test subjects escaped from their cells, posing as a threat for the important data still held inside.

The only way to access these forgotten archives is making use of the Aetheric Field infiltration portal created by the Tejhi aetheric stones across Enshar and Cygnea. With the Balaur still aiming for the knowledge inside, and the possibility of the test subjects escaping, Daevas must venture inside the facilities once more, confronting a different challenge.

Walkthrough Edit

Danuar Mysticarium Edit

As a ranked instance, rewards are tied to the amount of points and time in which the instance is ran. Rewards are automatically given once the <Sheban Intelligence Captain> or <Sheban Intelligence Inspector> in front of the last door, leading to the Idgel Storage, is killed. Provided the player obtains an S Rank, they will additionally fight <Frenzied Chairman Nautius>, while attaining lower ranks will result on an empty room. Running out of time instantly gives the player an F Rank.

Points will be acquired from defeating certain monsters, collecting special items or destroying specific devices. The zones are designed to slow down players in several ways. For example, several monsters will not award points at all, stairways and paths are broken down (requiring the player to jump in order not to fall down) and certain rooms will reduce movement speed.

The player will start in the Secret Passage, giving 2 minutes to prepare. When ready, a corridor will open up. Occupied by a <Pashid Lab Unit Drone>, it is important to take it out as soon as possible. Classes with Silence skills should use them as it casts Macro type 1 <Red Alert>, which will summon additional monsters to aid it, making them the most dangerous mobs in the instance. Here, <Pashid Lab Unit Turrets> will also be encountered; immobile cannons found across the instance. Due to their high defences but inability to move, they should be completely dismissed. In one of the two side-rooms, there will also be an <Ancient Danuar Codex>, rewarding 500 points. Found all over the instance, they are crucial for obtaining high scores.

The Secret Passage opens up into a multi-story library complex with a circular staircase. Before jumping down, the player should kill the <Sheban Intelligence Researcher>, rewarding 285 points. Additionally, them and <Sheban Intelligence Wardens> may also drop Key type 2 <Test Subject Prison Keys>, required to open prison cell doors in the Test Subject Prison for additional loot and points. On that same platform, the player will also find a <Danuar Mysticarium Archive>, a box containing potions, relics, Kinah, Ancient Coin <Ancient Coins> and sometimes composite manastones. There are at least eight of these inside the whole instance.

When done, the player will drop down to the bottom and clear it out. There are two <Idgel Trigger>, giving 1,250 points to its destroyer. One is located in the centre of the room, while the other is under the stairs.It is this area the <Pashid Lab Unit Troublemakers> will be introduced; Assassin mobs in Stealth, meant to delay the player, rewarding no points when killed. With the bottom floor killed, the player will head upstairs, while checking side rooms for other sources of points. It is at the top that the player will have to jump certain rocky platforms to reach the other platform leading to the Destroyed Passage.

This chamber holds several monsters in the first floor, and three side rooms, accessed from jumping the platforms in front of their doors. They should only be accessed if <Sheban Intelligence Researchers> or <Danuar Mysticarium Archive> are present. After completing this section, on the other end there will be a narrow hole in the ground leading to the Underground Waterway. Halfway through the fall there will be a room on the wall which may only be accessed by activate gliding in the appropriate moment. This room will hold a <Ancient Danuar Codex>.

At the bottom, there will be segmented platforms above the waste water. While standing on it, players will get their movement speed drastically reduced. This can be countered by gliding above the water the most possible. Each of the corridors there will be patrolled by <Pashid Lab Unit Drones>, as well as sets of three mobs composed of <Dread Witherthorns> or <Living Idgel>, each rewarding 150 points when slain. These will be encountered on the remaining sections of the instance as well.

The sewers will open up into a valley with narrow paths to walk through. The player will first enter the Test Subject Prison. This facility is divided into two sections, with four cells each. Each cell holding an inmate, which can be killed for points. However, in order to access the inside, they will have to make use of the Key type 2 <Test Subject Prison Keys> looted beforehand from <Sheban Intelligence Researchers> and <Sheban Intelligence Wardens>. Due to the importance of moving swiftly, it is highly suggested to only open cells with test subjects of Grade 1, dismissing the ones with greater Grades. Nonetheless, the eighth cell holds a <Danuar Mysticarium Archive>, which may optionally be opened.

As the prison ends, the last portion begins; the Forgotten Valley. Players will need to take out the mobs here and avoid the fences by gliding on their sides with care. After the last fence, some players choose to skip the bridge connecting to the opposite wall and glide all the way to the other side. After having jumped over the last fence, players will meet with either the <Sheban Intelligence Captain> or <Sheban Intelligence Inspector>, rewarding 3,051 points. Defeating this named monster will end the countdown and assign a rank depending on the points acquired and time left. All monsters in the instance will disappear (with the exception of the boss in the Idgel Storage, if the player reached Rank S). This guard will drop the Key type 2 <Idgel Storage Key>, used to open the door behind it.

With an S Rank, the player may fight <Frenzied Chairman Nautius>. His small skill set will be composed of Macro type 1 <Bind (skill)> (putting nearby targets into a bound state) and Macro type 1 <Power Attack> (inflicting damage on a target). When defeated, players may loot his body for a Red sack <Relic Bundle>, containing AP Relics. Players may then leave the instance by using the portal behind him.

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium Edit

The player will zone in in the Secret Passage, welcomed by <Jeniel> (E)/<Redgard> (A), who will explain the situation. The instance begins once the <Internal Teleport Device> is interacted with. The following part of the instance is randomly determined out of three possibilities; a monster hunt, a prison key hunt and a tower defence.

Monster Hunting Edit

A pop-up message will appear "Catch the criminals hiding in the Abyss Rift", indicating the task. The player will spawn on the other side of the door in the Secret Passage. The goal is to go through the whole instance and defeat the most escaped test subjects mobs within 5 minutes. They are randomly placed across the instance and can be identified by their name and title.

Movement across the area is identical to its predecessor, but with a lot less delayers. The only set backs are the <Sheban Espionage Swiftshots>, who patrol around and give no rewards when killed. When reaching the Test Subject Prison, only certain cells will hold test subjects. The key to the said cell can be obtained from the <Contaminated Monitoring Device> which patrols around in front of them.

Having reached the Idgel Storage, whether the time has expired or not, the player may confront <Secret Test Subject 48123-A>. Being not notably strong, his skill-set is limited to Macro type 1 <Strike> and Macro type 1 <Drain Moisture>, both simple attacks. Depending on the amount of test subjects killed, there will be a chest on the back of the room, with varying rewards, such as bundles holding Ancient Coin <Ancient Coins>, manastones and relics.

Key Hunting Edit

SDM Prison doors

Solid Keys (green) - Shabby Keys (red) - Hidden Keys (yellow)

A pop-up message will appear "Locate the prison keys to defeat the monsters inside", indicating the task. The player will spawn in the main library chamber of the zone, being the only place the player is limited to be. The goal is to look around the room for treasure boxes for 5 minutes, randomly containing keys used to open prison cells.

There will be two type of boxes; <Box> (serving as decoys, never dropping keys) and <Ancient Box> (which may randomly drop a key and/or lesser relics). Available keys include the Key type 1 <Solid Prison Keys>, the Key type 2 <Shabby Prison Keys> and a Key type 3 <Hidden Prison Key>. Depending on the keys obtained, the player will be able to open specific prison cells afterwards.

Acting as delayers, the player will also face <Captured Test Subject Ghostmages> and <Captured Test Subject Spiritstrikes>. After the 5 minutes end, the <Experimental Prison Teleporter>, leading to the Test Subject Prison, will spawn at the bottom. As the player spawns there, depending on the keys previously found, only certain cells can be opened. Key type 1 <Solid Prison Keys> will open the first four cells, Key type 2 <Shabby Prison Keys> will open the following three cells, and the Key type 3 <Hidden Prison Key> will open the last one.

Each cell holds a test subject of a certain grade, indicated by the letter on their name. The first four ones will hold Grade C monsters, who will drop low tier AP relics. The following three ones will hold Grade B monsters, dropping middle tier AP relics when killed. Finally, the last door will hold a Grade A monster, which will drop manastone bundles, Ancient Coin <Ancient Coins> and high tier AP relics. Due to keys being randomly dropped, players may sometimes end up with unused/repeated keys, which will disappear when the instance is exited.

Tower Defence Edit

A pop-up message will appear "Protect the ancient Danuar artifacts from Beritra's troops until reinforcements arrive", indicating the task. The player will spawn in the Idgel Storage. The goal is to defend <Ancient Danuar Relic> from waves of Balaur soldiers who will spawn outside the room and directly run towards them.

The waves will continue until the relics are destroyed. The longer the player survives, the greater the chances of obtaining fine loot from the boss, which spawns after the relics are destroyed. This one is <Doomtread Kurores>, a Balaur officer with no special skills and straightforward battle. Looting his corpse will reward the player with manastones, Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin> and/or relics.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is here where the player would be teleported to during the first campaign quest in Danaria, after having been captured by the Balaur.
  • Before 4.8, exiting the instance would leave players in a safe zone in Ide Mine Gamma in Idian Depths.
  • At certain times of the day, the entrances to all 4.0 fortress instances, including this one, would appear in Kaisinel's Beacon and Danuar Spire in Katalam for all players, regardless of who owned their respective fortress.
  • The <Sealed Book> required for the appropriate quest can be found inside Sealed Danuar Mysticarium in the last room in all three possible paths.

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