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Sealed Argent Manor, also known as Cursed Argent Manor, was a solo instance for players of level 65 and above. It could be accessed from the legion territories in Cygnea (Elyos) and Enshar (Asmodians). Entrance required the player to be in the possession of an Aetheric Field Piece <Aetheric Field Piece>, which would be consumed once inside.

This instance was originally added with the 3.0 update as Argent Manor, an Alliance instance in the Anaz Forest in Sarpan, until it was removed during the Upheaval (4.8 update). In the 4.9 update it returned as a solo instance, having received several drastic changes. Due to the incredible rarity of the entrance prerequisite item and the mediocre loot overall however it never regained its former popularity, and was left mostly abandoned. In the 6.0 update it was removed from the game altogether.

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Backstory Edit

After Tiamat's death, Zadra Spellweaver grew reclusive and independent from the Balaur. His power allowed him to foresee a massive cataclysmic event which would take place in Balaurea, putting an end to several lives, including his own. Filled with fear, he decided he would not be a victim and found a way to protect himself from that catastrophe.

Wielding all his power, he created a protective shield around the manor's observatory and laboratory, and transported it to a different dimension, outside Atreia. While he was successful on surviving the danger, the transition between spaces and the solitary months spent in there destroyed his mind and turned him mad.

As Daevas settled in the newly discovered regions, they made use of the Aetheric Field Infiltration portals created by the magical stones which once belonged to the Tejhi. Traversing the portal, they found themselves in the old familiar environment of Argent Manor; but with great changes.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is time limited, giving the player 15 minutes to acquire as many points as possible. The countdown will only stop once either it runs out or <Lost Zadra> is defeated, after which the player is given a rank depending on the score and the time left. As he zones in, the player will be transported to the ready room, being given one minute to ready up before the instance begins.

Across the rooms, there will be special mobs; <Agile Hetgolems> and <Dexterous Hetgolems>. When low on HP, they will run away from the player. Doing this may cause them to pull other guards into battle. This however can be avoided by fighting them against a wall, or inducing them into an altered state. Additionally, <Wary Alarms> will be encountered; patrols which cast Macro type 1 <Red Alert>, summoning additional monsters to aid them. It is best to take them out as soon as they are engaged.

The first chamber will be Cadella's Reception Room. Those striving for higher ranks must clear all the <Sturdy Hetgolems> and <Mystic Hetgolems> (rewarding 300 points) in the centre and corners of the room, while those who do not may completely ignore this section. The biggest threat in this area is the <Wary Alarm> patrolling around the centre in circles. As such, it should be taken care of carefully. <Manor Ushers>, despite not rewarding points, must also be disposed of, as they will drop Rechargeable Electric Fuel <Rechargeable Electric Fuel>. Once done, the player may proceed to the elevator on the corner in front of the entrance.

The second floor consists of a catwalk. Reaching the entrance to the Golem Sculpting Rack, the player has two options. One is to spend time making his way to the <Argent Manor Treasure Chest> on the continuation of the catwalk (rewarding Ancient Coin <Ancient Coins>, Composite Manastones, potions, Greater Supplements (Eternal) <Greater Supplements (Eternal)> and Greater Supplements (Mythic) <Greater Supplements (Mythic)>), or continue with the instance and entering to the new room.

Inside the Golem Sculpting Rack, players will meet two <Agile Hetgolems>, rewarding 300 points when killed. As their name indicates, they will attempt to run away when low on HP. Patrolling in circles there will be another <Manor Usher>. And on both sides of the room two <Drained Hetgolem> will be standing. Interacting with them while being in possession of Rechargeable Electric Fuel <Rechargeable Electric Fuel> will spawn a random Hetgolem which rewards 1,000 points when killed, with varying difficulty; <Poorly Restored Hetgolem> (low difficulty), <Restored Hetgolem> (middle) and <Perfectly Restored Hetgolem> (high). In order to access the following section, the player must take down both <Hard Hetgolems>, each giving 400 points.

With the teleporter open, the player may now access the Alchemical Lab. The back of the room is connected to an optional hallway with another <Argent Manor Treasure Chest>. The player must take down all four <Sturdy Hetgolems>. Only then he may focus on the <Elemental Iron Prison (SAM)>. In order to take down the Wall, the player must transform into one of the four elemental spirits. Which one is determined by the four possible buffs the Wall may receive; Resistance: Fire (vulnerable to water attacks), Resistance: Water (fire attacks), Resistance: Earth (wind attacks) and Resistance: Wind (earth attacks).

In order to deal damage, the player must transform into the appropriate spirit. This can be done by interacting with one of the four magical items in the corners of the room; <Magical Soil Mound> (earth spirit) on the back of the room on the right side, <Spirit's Bucket> (water spirit) on the right side of the Wall, <Transformation Bonfire> (fire spirit) on the left side of the Wall and <Magic Pinwheel> (wind spirit) on the left side on the back. The <Elemental Iron Prison (SAM)>'s buffs swap instantly. It is highly suggested to keep the cursor on the buff to constantly keep an eye on its description, and promptly change spirit forms when needed. With the Wall down, the player may press forward, encountering the last <Drained Hetgolem> and the teleporter leading to the following room.

Experimental Lab is the next chamber. At the start, there is a small annex room holding the final optional <Argent Manor Treasure Chest>. The danger in this room are the two <Wary Alarms> going back and forth. Those attempting for high ranks should clear this whole room, and as such, the Alarms take priority. Those who do not, may alternatively only take down one of them and make their way to the back of the room and take down the two <Hard Hetgolems>. Doing this will open the final teleporter.

Zoning in to the Celestial Observatory Chamber, the player will meet the final boss <Lost Zadra> (rewarding the final 1,500 points). The battle will begin as soon as the player spawns in. The instance will end once Zadra is slain. At first, his only skill will be Guardian G1 <Rakescar>, a debuff which will make the player bleed, but be more resistant to his attacks. However, as the fight wears on, the player should watch out for two features.

One being the trail of flames which slowly follow the player, as stepping on it will cause the player to receive the Lava Tempest I <Soul Conflagration> effect, silencing them and reducing their HP and MP. The other being when Zadra receives the Amplification I <Spiritual Focus> buff (absorbing all damage) and begins casting Healing Spirit I <Glorious Surge>. While in this state, Zadra will drain energy from one of the three <Eldritch Surkana> in the room. The goal is to destroy the appropriate Surkana before the cast ends, preventing him from gaining the Severe Weakening Blow I <Surge of Glory> buff, boosting his attack speed, evasion and attack power. This buff cannot be removed and as Zadra absorbs more and more power, they will stack, making the boss a greater of a menace.

Once <Lost Zadra> falls, the player's final rank will be calculated, and the appropriate rewards will be automatically be given out. The <Cursed Book> will spawn after the timer ends in the left side of the room, for those who require it for their quests.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

The rewards will depend on the player's score and time left. They are automatically delivered once the instance ends.

RankReward Requirements
  • 16,000 points
  • +2 minutes 30 seconds left
  • 13,000 points
  • +1 minute 30 seconds left
  • 11,500 points
  • +1 minute left
  • 10,100 points
  • +1 minute left
  • 8,100 points
F - -

Trivia Edit

  • The map is composed of four connected layers. The player will go through all of them as the run progresses.
  • The eternal set can be upgraded into the mythic version by trading it in through the NPCs next to each entrance, along with Ancient Spirit&#039;s Ore <Ancient Spirit's Ores>.

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