Order: Meet Olenja and find out what the Lepharist Revolutionaries near Manir's Campsite are looking for.

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Objectives Edit

  • Talk with <Olenja>.
  • Search Manir's Dock and find out what the Lepharist Revolutionaries are looking for.
  • Report the results to Olenja.
  • Talk with <Hunmir>.
  • Search the Lepharist Wagon on the path to the Grave Robbers Den.
  • Report the result to <Nokir>

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Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After talking to Olenja, head north then west, until you come to Manir's Campsite. Go north from there to the lake are, and you will see a house. Kill the mobs to get inside. The <Suspicious Document> is on a table inside. Use it to obtain the <Lepharist Primer>. Go back to talk to Olenja. Head to Basfelt Village to talk to Nokir. The Lepharist Escort Wagon is right outside of Grave Robbers Den. When you destroy it, two raiders will spawn. You do not have to kill them. Report back to Nokir.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"During our last patrol, we discovered Lepharist Revolutionaries around Manir's Campsite. It looked to me like they were organizing search parties.
I know there are a few Lepharist rabble-rousers near Altgard, but we've never seen them in Molsan Forest before.
<Commander SuthranSuthran> is already breathing down our necks about the MuMu tribe, and now we have to deal with this..."
1 "What's the plan?"
"The "plan" is a new mission for you: find out what brought the Lepharists to Moslan Forest.
I think they're looking for something. Figure out what the Lepharists are searching for, and I'll bet we'll learn what their overall plan is.
1 "Understood!"
"Head northwest and you will see Manir's Campsite. Go north from there, and you will find the Lepharist Revolutionaries.
Interrogating them probably won't work--they're fanatics, after all. But they might have orders, plans, or other clues in Manir's House, which they are using as a headquarters.
Search every corner of that house and bring back whatever you find."
1 "If there's some thing to be found, I'll find it."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"The Lepharist Revolutionaries are weak-willed, but their masters are orchestrating something...something big.
Knowing their plans is the first step in thwarting them, then kicking their precious "revolution" out of Altgard completely.
So what are they up to?"
Successful item check
1 "I found this in the house."
"Tiamat's Sword? Legend has it that a Balaur general dropped it during the Millennium War, but no one knows where it fell to earth.
I thought the sword was merely a treasure-seeker's folktale. You say the Lepharists actually have it?
They wouldn't want it as a museum piece, that's for sure. The Lepharists' motive must be more...sinister."
1 "What can the sword do?"
"I have no idea what Tiamat's Sword is capable of, and I'm not eager to find out.
I must report this to Altgard Fortress right away. While I'm doing that, go to Basfelt Village and report what you've learned to Hunmir.
Urge Hunmir to act quickly, [Player Name]. The Lepharist main hideout is near Basfelt Village, and I'll bet they took Tiamat's Sword there."
1 "The task is mine."
Failed item check
"You're under orders to find out what the Lepharists are planning here in Moslan Forest.
Now go! Get us some intelligence on what they're searching for."
"I can see it on your face--you've got important news.
Speak up!"
1 "Lepharists have Tiamat's Sword!"
"A relic of the the hands of the Lepharists. You did your duty coming here, [Player Name], but you bear bad tidings.
Blast it! There's no time to wait for Commander Suthran's orders. We need to seize Tiamat's Sword before the Lepharists can do anything with it.
But to seize the sword, we must first find the sword...."
1 "Where would they keep it?"
"The wagon! Our hunters saw a wagon pull up near their hideout!
Tiamat's Sword must be in the wagon. It all makes sense! I'll inform Centurion Nokir about the sword.
While I'm doing that, [Player Name], go north of Idun's Lake, destroy the Lepharist Escort Wagon, and seize that sword! When you're done, report to Nokir."
1 "The task is mine!"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Hunmir told me that the Lepharists found Tiamat's Sword.
But she said you were going to seize the sword before the Lepharists could use it.
Well, was the sword in the wagon like Hunmir said?"
1 "No sword in the wagon."
"Then we've lost track of Tiamat's Sword.
I'll report this failure to Altgard Fortress and request further orders. Commander Suthran won't be happy.
But you followed orders like a true Asmodian, [Player Name]. I appreciate that."


Olenja said the Lepharist Revolutionaries have captured Manir's Dock. He asked you to figure out what they are searching for. You found out that the Lepharists have discovered Tiamat's Sword.

Under Olenja's orders, you went to Hunmir, who asked you to search the wagon in front of the Lepharist hideout. You checked the wagon, but failed to find the sword.

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