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Scouts concern themselves with speed, camouflage, agility and awareness. They dress in light armor, making them vulnerable... when they can be hit. Scouts are complex creatures requiring a delicate touch and measured approach, and once their inherent strengths and weaknesses are understood, they are formidable opponents.

Scouts provide a wide variety of play styles compared to the other basic classes. They benefit from great agility and can make speedy attacks, though how well they perform varies depending on the player. The scout is an extremely versatile class.

At level 10, a Scout will be able to choose one of two sub-classes to specialize in: the Ranger or Assassin.

Some Scouts choose the path of the Assassin, use swords and daggers to attack from the shadows. Others are destined to follow the path of the Ranger and learn more to attack their foes at range with the use of bows and traps.




Rangers are expert archers, utilizing bows from long range with great accuracy and power. They have an array of skills that can do damage to not only single foes but can strike out at several. With their preset traps hidden in front of their opponents, Rangers can slow and damage the enemy at a distance, all the while inflicting more destruction with well-aimed shots. They are also well trained in the use of daggers. While not as able with a blade as an assassin, a Ranger can inflict crippling damage to a foe even in close proximity.

They are solitary figures with finely honed survival skills and the ability to endure even in the harshest environments. While versatile and highly functional, Rangers are strikingly anti-social figures and never seem at peace among the masses of Atreia.

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Assassins are a mysterious class, with the ability to become totally invisible to their opponents. This technique makes these gifted killers valuable allies. A skilled Assassin strikes silently with devastating consequences to their vulnerable prey. This approach can effectively neutralize the functionality of a unit with the elimination of a single target. It is whispered that they follow no god, preferring to follow the star of death for instruction.

Assassins themselves are fairly weak, and when prematurely discovered, rarely survive the inevitable consequences. The Assassin will use Daggers in expert ways to destroy their enemies in the blink of an eye. When ranged combat is necessary, though lacking the skill of a ranger, an assassin can still turn to a bow to continue their assault.

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Scout skills are shared by both Rangers and Assassins.

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