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Fake Stigmas are circulating throughout Heiron. Investigate the case by scoring some from Koruchinerk, then report to Brigade General Perento.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, go to the Outer Dock in Sanctum and talk to Koruchinerk. Then return to New Heiron Gate to talk with Herthia. Report back to Perento to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"You're [Player Name], right? My men have told me of your achievements in battle.
I wish I could say Heiron is safer now, but it's not. It's actually worse now than ever before.
In addition to the Balaur and Asmodian situations, we now have a problem with Fake Stigmas."
1.png "Fake Stigmas?"
"They're being sold on the open market. Even one of my Guardians fell prey to the cheap imitations. I'm not one for depriving Daevas of cheaper prices...but these imitation Stigmas have some bad side-effects.
Some Daevas have gone crazy after using them...others have slipped into comas. My sources tell me that the Black Cloud Traders have their hands dirty in this one.
Luckily, the Black Cloud Traders are in Sanctum for a union meeting. It's the perfect opportunity to find out more. Can I hire your services for this one, [Player Name]?"


"I'm relieved knowing you're on the case, [Player Name].
Take's a purchase voucher for Fake Stigmas. My internal investigation team beat it out of a Shugo.
It was issued by a merchant of the Black Cloud Traders named Koruchinerk. See if you can make a sale. Then bring the proof back to me...."
X.png "Damn, dirty Shugos!"


"I can't pull you away from your other obligations? This is pretty important, [Player Name].
They'll see my soldiers coming a mile away...I need a Daeva like you to blend in.
Come back when your schedule permits."
X.png "I'll free up my calendar first."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Is the Daeva looking for something? Something tasty, maybe?
Just tell Koruchinerk what you need. Koruchinerk can get anything the Daeva desires, nyerk."
1.png "I have this voucher."
"Ahhh...the Daeva wants a taste of the (whispering now) sweet, sweet Stigma?
The Daeva knows quality merchandise, nyerk. But Koruchinerk doesn't sell anymore. Daeva Herthia now sells Fak...Replica Stigmas for Koruchinerk.
Daevas trust Herthia, so she runs Koruchinerk's operation now, nyerk. Go see her for my tasty Stigmas."
1.png "Herthia, huh?"
"Arieluma, Daeva. Did...did Koruchinerk send you? Are you on the level?
This place is too crowded...eyes and ears everywhere. Cross your arms and nod casually if you want a taste of a Replica Stigma.
Ahhh...there we go."
1.png "Are they fresh?"
"Fresh as a dewy sunrise, my friend. (She pulls something from her pocket and hands it to you as if shaking your hand.)
Put this in your boot quickly. There's been a crackdown on this stuff lately.
All right, time for you to go. But act casually...just like we're old friends."
1.png " old friends."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ah, [Player Name]. How did the plan go?
Did Koruchinerk sell you the goods? Was it the Fake Stigmas we were hoping for?"
1.png "Here. Herthia is now running the show."
"What? A Daeva is selling Fake Stigmas? Right here in town? Sweet Lady Ariel! I'll have my men watch her. We'll set up a sting operation and take her down.
Oh yes...don't be alarmed when you have some strange dreams, [Player Name]. One brisk touch of that Fake Stigma, and your subconscious is in Shard Town.
And you've been holding it for what...30 or 40 minutes now? I don't recommend sleeping for a few days, Daeva."


Brigade General Perento said he was trying to find out who was selling Fake Stigmas. He said Koruchinerk, a delegate of the Black Cloud Traders, was his lead suspect.

As instructed by Perento, you went to Koruchinerk, but he said that Herthia had taken over the business.

So you met with Herthia, scored a Fake Stigma, and reported back to Perento. He then warned you about having weird dreams.

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