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Modgud said that Chaintail Scolopen poison was useless. Hunt Goldtail Scolopens and bring their poison to him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Yellow fluid <Scolopen Poison> (0/10)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go down the hill and kill Goldentail Scolopens until you get 10 poisons. Return to Modgud to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Where did you get this poison? It doesn't look poisonous at all.
It isn't Chaintail Scolopen venom, is it?"
1 "Yes, it is."
"Hm... Chaintail Scolopen venom... well, isn't poison. If someone were to drink a cupful, he might suffer mild indigestion.
Did <Neior> tell you to gather this? He may know medicine, but he doesn't know toxicology.
Blast! What a waste of time!"
1 "You still need the right poison, don't you?"
"Yes. Yes, I do.
[Player Name], how would you feel about killing Goldentail Scolopens and gathering their poison?
Even a drop is deadly. You must be careful."

Accept Edit

"Don't underestimate Goldentail Scolopens! Their poison is a hundred times stronger than Chaintail Scolopen venom--a thousand times!
I'll need ten drops. Thanks."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"Neior has failed you're refusing to help...
There must be another way!"
X "Sorry, Modgud."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're safe! What a relief! I'm on patrol in just minutes.
Did you hunt Goldentail Scolopens and bring the poison?"
1 "Here it is."

Failed Item Check Edit

"I should go out on my patrol....
It's dangerous out there... Well, I have the Obelisk to fall back on, right?
I can't keep doing this without poison for my weapon. Please hurry and bring me Scolopen Poison."
X "The task is mine!"

Successful Item Check Edit

"You got it! This is the just the poison we needed for our weapons.
Thank you so much! Please accept some recompense for your trouble"

Summary Edit

Modgud said that Chaintail Scolopen poison had virtually no poisonous effect.

You hunted Goldtail Scolopens and brought the poison to him as he asked.

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