The Scarring of Atreia (6

The Scarring of Atreia (6.0 Intro)

The Scarring of Atreia, also referred to as Day of the Tempest or the Third Disaster, was a catastrophic event that resulted in the destruction of much of Elysea, Asmodae and Balaurea at the start of the 6.0 update. It also spelled the end of the region known as The Abyss.

Brought about by 3rd Dragon Lord <Ereshkigal>, it is the third catastrophe of unprecedented proportions to hit the world of Atreia after the Cataclysm and the Upheaval, and the largest disaster to have occurred in modern times. The complete destruction of the aforementioned regions was only narrowly circumvented thanks to the sacrifice of the Archdaeva.

History Edit

Towards the end of the 5.8 update the Daevas had begun to turn the tables on Ereshkigal. The Abyss and Divine Fortress had at least been retaken from the Dragon Lord's clutches, and the destruction of the Mirash Sanctum as well as the deaths of <Nergal>, <KirshkaSinging Kirshka> and <OrissanGuardian Deity General Orissan> had dealt a serious blow to her army. Infuriated by the Daevas' continued interference and hell-bent on enacting revenge on Fregion and Beritra, Ereshkigal realizes that she needs more power and sets her cold eyes on the Tower of Eternity. In an effort to gain access to the Tower and put an end to the Daevic menace once and for all, the Dragon Lord depletes a substantial amount of her powers to destabilize the Abyss, sending the floating islands crashing into Elysea and Asmodae.

Although many of the Atreian lands and countless lives perish, the destruction is somewhat limited by the appearance of the Archdaeva. Thanks to their sacrifice Poeta/Ishalgen, Heiron/Beluslan and both capitals manage to survive the disaster, as do the Balaurean lands of Inggison/Gelkmaros and Cygnea/Enshar. Seeing that her plan has failed and that the Divine Fortress is now completely open to attack, Ereshkigal has no choice but to flee and retreats to the land of Lakrum, where she is eventually slain inside The Veilenthrone.

Outcome Edit

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