Meet Brigade General Nerita about the problem of the collapsing fortress.

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Objectives Edit

<Golden Cornea> (0/3)
<Greater Aether Gem> (0/1)
  • Report to Bestla.
  • Install the Aether Booster in the Rift Artifact.
  • Report to Nerita.

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After getting the quest, talk to Nerita in Beluslan, then to Bestla. Fly up and interact with the Temporal Transfer Stone, which will teleport you below the main part of the fortress. Talk to Bestla again, and then go to the Temple of Knowledge in Pandaemonium to talk to Cavalorn. Head to Reshanta to the second floor in Primum Fortress to speak to Haug. Buy or aethertapping|aethertap the Greater Aether Gem. The Golden Corneas drop from the Seal Sentinels found on th Isle of Roots near Sulfur. After getting 3 return to Haug. Report back to Bestla, then fly up and fix the Temporal Transfer Stone. Finally, talk to Nerita to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Back when the Cataclysm shook Atreia, this fortress was falling apart like everything else. It would've crushed everyone in it, if it weren't for one thing--the Artifact of Time and Space.
Fate decreed that the Artifact was being studied right here. They didn't know everything it was capable of, but they knew it could stop time.
So they stopped time for the fortress. No more time, no more falling."
1 "It actually worked?"
"It did then, but just last week a big chunk fell down and crushed one of the Humans here. Nasty scene.
We called in Bestla, a Daeva of Architecture, to fix the problem, but she's been telling me she needs an assistant. Someone with top-flight skills."
1 "I get the picture. I'll talk to her."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"The Brigade General sent you to help me, I hope?"
1 "Yes. What's the problem?"
"We have to check the Temporal Transfer Stone that's channeling Aether to the artifact. If that thing's not humming along, this whole place could come down on us any second.
I know it's broken somehow, I'm just not sure how bad it is. Go fiddle around with it a little bit and tell me what happens to you.
Oh, don't whine. You're a Daeva, you can handle a little pain. Or death."
1 "Yeah, I know."
Bestla - After teleportation
"How's the Temporal Transfer Stone? Please tell me it's not too broken."
1 "There's definitely something wrong...."
"It teleported you beneath the fortress? It shouldn't be doing that. Shouldn't be able to do that, even--it's just an Aether conduit.
This is way out of the realm of architecture. You'd better go talk to Cavalorn at the Temple of Knowledge.
He knows everything about everything. Or at least he knows everyone who knows what he doesn't."
1 "We'll see about that."
"What do you need help with?"
1 "Tell me about stopping time...."
"Hmm...I'm afraid to say this is a problem unlike any I've studied before. Far removed from the areas of my expertise.
But I know someone who can almost surely help, and that's Haug, a Daeva of Time and Space in Reshanta.
If a Daeva of Time and Space can't help you with the Artifact of Time and Space, then I just don't know what to tell you. Sorry I couldn't help you myself."
1 "Thanks anyway."
"You're here about the Artifact of Time and Space, yes?"
1 "How did you know?"
"I'm a Daeva of Time and Space. My methods are so far beyond your comprehension...well, let's not get into that.
I know what's wrong with the Artifact. Aether's running out all over Atreia, and that's causing Aether to leak from the Artifact back out through the Transfer Stone.
I'll make a device to fix it, but it'll need some specialized materials--Golden Corneas from Seal Sentinels and a Greater Aether."
1 "I'm on it."
"You'd better hurry. When too much Aether leaks out of the artifact, the fortress will go back to normal time."
1 "I got the pieces."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Oh--this isn't what I asked for. Don't worry, I know you'll bring the pieces to me eventually."
X "How reassuring."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Just hand those to me. I'll build the device tomorrow, but you can just take it now.
You're going to tell Bestla how this works and then she'll have you install it in the Artifact.
See you again...."
X "If you say so."
"Was Cavalorn able to help you? I hope so--I think I felt a pebble drop on my head..."
1 "I've got a device to fix it...."
"I knew the Aether leak was bad, but I never thought it'd have such a widespread effect.
But at least we've got this Aether Booster to fix it. If the Aether runs out any further...well, we'll have bigger issues to deal with than this fortress.
Go install the Booster in the Temporal Transfer Stone. If that works, you can tell Nerita she won't have to worry about the sky falling on our heads for a while."
1 "I was afraid you'd say that...."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Tell me some good news. I need some good news.
1 "Well, I fixed the Artifact...."
"That's the kind of news I like to hear! Now, why don't you get out there and deal with all of the other problems in Beluslan, and then I can finally get a good night's sleep."

Summary Edit

Nerita, the Brigade General of the Beluslan Fortress, ordered you to report to Bestla. She said that the Artifact of Time and Space, which kept the collapsing Fortress frozen in time, was malfunctioning.

You went to ask advice from Cavalorn in Pandaemonium, and he sent you to Haug, a Daeva of Time and Space, who told you that the Artifact was malfunctioning because of the declining Aether in Atreia. He gave you an artifact that'd fix the problem, and you installed it.

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