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Sauro Supply Base map

Sauro Supply Base map

Sauro Supply Base (SSB/Sauro), also called Sauro War Depot, was a group instance for players of level 65 and above introduced in 4.0. The entrance is located in Levinshor; Stonepike Falls for Asmodians and Aetherbrak for Elyos. Its an ancient former Danuar temple, taken by and adapted to the needs of the Sheban Intelligence Unit.

Originally, it would drop strong PvE gear, and offer a great challenge to the strongest groups. As time passed, gear was left outdated and the instance was progressively nerfed. Nowadays, rewards from it are not of much worth.

Story Edit

A small group of Danuar originally created the base as a secret temple hidden in the mountains of Danaria, where they could have their Jotuns refine high-quality Idgel. By the time it was complete, though, it was obvious that their people were doomed, so they sealed away the temple and disappeared into the pages of history. The temple lay silent for many centuries, until <ShebaBrigade General Sheba>, the Brigade General of the Sheban Intelligence Unit, discovered the secret of the Idgel hidden there. She began to nurture a secret ambition of using it to become the next Dragon Lord, persuading Beritra to designate this place as her base of operations. Keeping the presence of the Idgel a secret from Beritra, Sheba is now researching ways to unleash its true power.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is straightforward, killing bosses will open the way to go. The true final boss spawns in the Danuar Omphanium, being the only source of gear in the instance. The group may choose between an easier boss, <Guard Captain Ahuradim>, and a harder one, <Brigade General Sheba>, with respective loot quality.

This is done by collecting a certain amount of Gold key <Danuar Omphanium Keys> across the instance, from <Mystery Key Box>. Collecting and using only one will trigger the easier boss, while using two will trigger the harder boss. Some boxes are mimics disguised as them.

Supply Base Approach Edit

Players will zone in this location, a straightforward section. The way deeper into the temple is blocked by a door, only opened by defeating the first boss; <Guard Captain Rohuka> in the Defense Coordination Room, the small chamber on the left. This assassin boss is simple. His skill set includes a variety of attacks, his most threatening combo being Poisoning (NPC) <Wrathful Venom Burst> (poisoning nearby targets) and Macro type 1 <Virulence> (inflicting additional damage to poisoned target). After 50% HP, he will gain the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff, boosting his offensive attributes.

Defiled Danuar Temple Edit

Having gained access to the following area, the group must face the second boss straight afterwards; <Chief Gunner Kurmata>, another simple encounter. Most of her attacks are AoEs around a target. Most notably, she will have a cannon next to her that which will be commanded to fire, creating circles on the ground which will inflict damage on those who remain on them once they go off. Much like the previous boss, Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> will be used after 50%.

Her corpse will drop either Key type 8 <The 1st Lounge Key> or Key type 8 <The 2nd Lounge Key>. Jumping down deeper into the temple, the way must be opened by entering the respective antechamber using the acquired key, and killing the officer inside. The first key will open the Sheban Officer's Mess on the left, while the second key will open the Sheban Officer's Barracks on the right. With them taken care of, the massive pipe organ on the back will reveal the passage into the gardens.

Danuar Breezeway Edit

Here the group will find the Danuar Meditation Garden, containing <Derakanak the Reaver>, the first optional boss. Back when the instance was popular, it was desired for its Composite Manastones. <Derakanak the Reaver> is not particularly menacing until 50% of HP, after which it will start using a special combo; Fear (NPC) <Explosion of Wrath> (putting nearby enemies into a fear state) and Boosttomb (NPC) <Fearful Panic> (an attack which deals additional target if the player is under fear). It is wise to avoid using scrolls and such as this boss will use Macro type 1 <Curse of Blessing>, removing random buffs from the group.

The main path will however lead to the following section, the Sheban Ide Experiment Pens. There are two special Shugo mobs which will appear in different cells each time. One is a <Sauro Base Grave Robber>, who will drop special skin items. One is the Danuar set (untradable, similar appearance to the sets available for Crucible Insignia <Crucible Insignias>), and two special user-designed weapons; the 22px Deceptive Bouquet Pistol and the 22px Black Melody Harp. The other NPC will be the <Sauro Supply Base Researcher>, required for an Elyos quest.

Killing the guards standing at the end of the hallway will open the entrance into the Head Researcher's Office, the chamber of the next boss, <Researcher Teselik>. This Spiritmaster Drakan has basic single target attacks, such as Flame cage (NPC) <Fire Burst> and Flame Bolt I <Flame Bolt>. Her only speciality is Macro type 1 <Summoning Ritual>, through which she spawns several <Sheban Mystical Tyrhunds>, which will explode if not killed within time. Once killed, <Sheban Mystical Tyrhunds> will be summoned anyway, and the way into the Lost Tree of Devotion will open.

Eternal Spirit Bridge Edit

Lost Tree of Devotion is just a small connecting point with the Eternal Spirit Bridge, with a few mobs. The bridge holds <Gatekeeper Stranir>, another key boss. Its a simple fight against him, only making use of Macro type 1 <Savage Bite> (a one target knockdown), Macro type 1 <Area Press> and Macro type 1 <Sweeping> (short range AoE knockbacks) and Macro type 1 <Thrash> (short range AoE attack). He will receive the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff after 50%. Pushing forward, the group will meet the last big section before the last bosses.

Sauro Armoy Edit

The party will start in a small chamber, whose gate can only be unlocked by slaying <Commander Ranodim>. First, take care of the two assassins with him, then proceed to take him on. His skills are basic Drakan warrior skills, such as Ferocious Strike I <Ferocious Strike I>, Earthgrab npc <Powerful Ankle Grab>, Shield Defense I <Accurate Hit> and Macro type 1 <Area Blood Sucking>, between others. He will gain the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff, like other bosses, after 50% of HP.

Not only the way will open, but <Commander Ranodim> will also drop two of the following keys; Red key <Red Storeroom Key>, Blue key <Blue Storeroom Key> and Green key <Green Storeroom Key>. Back on the first days of the instance, the keys would open their respective storerooms in the Sauro Armory, containing more Gold key <Danuar Omphanium Keys> required to take on harder bosses. Nowadays, the storeroom keys will work, however, they are ignored because they are unneeded.

the path will eventually open up into three ways. One will go forward towards Moriata's Quarters, the other two will connect to a side-platform, each containing an optional boss. One is <Archmagus Sayahum> to the right, and the other, <Darkblade Ovanuka>, on the left. While optional, these two would be desired for their Composite Manastones.

<Archmagus Sayahum> is mostly simple. Through most of the fight she will stick to Flame Bolt I <Flame Bolt> (single target attack), Flame cage (NPC) <Fire Burst> (damage over time) and Root (npc) <Sweltering Heat (skill)> (AoE attack and root). Halfway through the fight, she will use Tremor type 2(NPC) <Agrint Curse> (putting everyone nearby to sleep) and gain the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff. From there on, she will also use Aether Arrow (npc) <Head Wound> (reducing the MP of the target) and Lockdown npc <Withering Gloom> (reducing the MP and HP, and inducing a cursed state).

<Darkblade Ovanuka> can be more challenging if players are unaware of the mobs in hide. Three Sheban Bladesmen are found with her by default, which can be lured out by using an AoE attack near them or having a class with see-through skills. Later on the fight, three more of them will join. Therefore it is much more preferable to deal with them early on and avoid getting overwhelmed by all of them at once. Other than those additional monsters, her attacks are simple; Swift Edge I <Swift Edge> (single target attack), going invisible and ambushing a random player with Macro type 1 <Powerful Ambush> (single target attack from behind), Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> after 50%, and an AoE attack.

With or without the side bosses killed, the group may head towards the central walkway towards Moriata's Quarters. Killing the Balaur guide in front of the door will open it.

Moriata's Quarters Edit

A small circular chamber, with the last boss of the instance before the keys boss. <Chief of Staff Moriata> will stick to several AoEs, being best to keep distance from him other than the tank.

He will frequently use Earthgrab npc <Powerful Pull> (luring targets to him) and follow it up with Macro type 1 <Heavy Strike> (area around target attack). His other attacks will include Macro type 1 <Heavy Strike> (single target attack) and Macro type 1 <Heavy Downward Smash> (short range AoE). At 75% HP, he will use Bodyguard I <Raging Fury>, increasing his offensive attributes and creating a shield around him. Halfway through, he will add Violent swing (npc) <Pressure Strike>, a short range AoE which will reduce the Physical Defences of everyone hit by it.

With <Chief of Staff Moriata> dead, the <Hidden Passage> will be activated, allowing the entry to the last chamber of the instance and the ability to select its difficulty.

Danuar Omphanium Edit

Players may fight a different boss in here depending on the option selected from the <Hidden Passage>. Both bosses have a 5 minute timer before they disappear and several troops ambush the party. Upon death however, the boss will reset, allowing players as many attempts as desired. Groups aiming for "1k" or "1 key" will be dealing with <Guard Captain Ahuradim>, while "2k" or "2 keys" will deal with <Brigade General Sheba>.

Guard Captain Ahuradim Edit

As the group enters to fight <Guard Captain Ahuradim>, he will be surrounded by three Protective Shield Generators, immune to any damage. They will be crucial later on the fight. This boss deals huge amounts of damage at once, relying mostly on AoEs. As such, it is best to let the tanking player be the only person near him. Weaker classes may be easily overwhelmed by the damage he dishes.

Through the entire fight, he will use attacks such as Macro type 1 <Hammering Blow> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Pummeling Blow> (short range AoE), Ferocious Strike III <Pounding Blow> (short range AoE). He will also occasionally pull the group with Boostwing (NPC) <Crushing Waves>, requiring them to quickly retreat, as well as stunning nearby targets with Stun altered state <Roar> (leaving them vulnerable to attacks). His most punishing move is however when he gains the Emergency Shield <Aetheric Field (skill)> shield from the Protective Shield Generators. He will be invulnerable to damage, and can only be broken by destroying the appropriate generator (it will produce dialogue above it, it will be targeting the boss and it will no longer be immune to damage). If the group is not paying attention to them, they will lose precious time.

Other particularly menacing abilities happen every 25% of HP. He will gain the Anger Explosion (npc) <Iron Guardian> buff, drastically increasing his offensive power, and follow with a dangerous attack. If targeted, certain classes may not survive it or the skill after that. He will either use Macro type 1 <Steely Blow> (an extremely strong single target attack) or Winged Guardian <Chaotic Explosion> (damaging AoE which will also induce a stumbled state).

IF the group manages to slay <Guard Captain Ahuradim>, his corpse can be looted for a chance of the instance's mythic set. The portal to the outside of the instance will appear as well.

Brigade General Sheba Edit

By default, <ShebaBrigade General Sheba> will be guarded by four Sheban Bladesmen, located near her under stealth. It is priority to take them out of the battle first. They can be aggroed without engaging battle with <ShebaBrigade General Sheba> herself. Through most of the fight, her abilities will include Flame Bolt I <Spiritual Shot> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Spiritual Ignition> (AoE attack around target) and Infernal Blaze V <Death Wolf> (frontal AoE). Her from threatening abilities however, require an attentive healer ready to cleanse their effects. Acid Fluid npc <Out of Body> will paralyse enemies within 5m of her, and Acid Fluid npc <Lingering Doom> will nullify healing effects and poison those within 10m.

The encounter will heat up after 75%, where she will begin to use Macro type 1 <Soul Busting Shot> (a strong long range single target attack) and, but most importantly, Immortal <Danuar Henchman>. This last skill will spawn four Corrupted Danuar (all of them in stealth), beasts which will attack and cause chaos. These mobs deal considerable damage and are immune to any crowd control, forcing the group to kill them as soon as possible. This skill is used rather frequently, putting pressure on the party.

Halfway through, on top of the previously mentioned skills, more will be added to <Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> arsenal. Immortal <Danuar Channeling> will spawn a Danuar ghost in the middle of the platform, which will put everyone within 10m of it under the effect of Fear (NPC) <Curse of the Rune>, preventing them from recovering MP and reducing movement speed greatly. <ShebaBrigade General Sheba> will immediately follow this with Weeping Curtain <The Wailing Dead>, a frontal AoE attack which will leave behind a strong damage over time and reduce their MP.

The last portion of the fight will increase in difficulty even further as the boss will use her skills with much more frequency, leaving no time to rest. Provided the group manages to assassinate <Brigade General Sheba>, they may loot her corpse for a guaranteed mythic drop from the instance's set and a portal to the outside of the instance will appear.

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Trivia Edit

  • The instance was originally located in Sauro Mountains in Danaria, only accessible once the faction was in possession of the outpost there. After 4.5, it was moved to Battlegroup Encampment (Asmodians) and Beritra's Bane Encampment (Elyos). In 4.7, it was moved to its definitive location in Levinshor.
  • The true final boss of the instance would originally be one of five possible mobs, each one requiring certain amount of keys. Only two of them were kept, as they were the most popular ones.
  • Players were originally only given one attempt to kill the Key boss at the end. This was changed later on, allowing multiple attempts.
  • Sauro Commander's mythic gear could be upgraded into Sauro Commander's Divine versions through special recipes for their respective crafting professions.
  • The <Rusted Prototype> found across the Danuar Meditation Garden (required for a quest) are Bastions, acting as teasers for the introduction of the Aethertech class.

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