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Satra Treasure Hoard is a level 56 to 60 instance designed for 6 players. It has a cooldown of 22 hours, and no
entry quest. It can be accessed by both Asmodian and Elyos players. This instance has two difficulty levels - normal and difficult. It is accessed by an underground passage, which changes depending on the difficulty level selected. The normal level rewards Platinum Medals, while the difficult version offers Mithril Medals as well as Platinum Medals.

Access the Different Difficulty Levels Edit

  • The normal difficulty version is through an 'Unstable Passage' that appears inside a Heart that is occupied by your race.
  • For the difficult version, your race must occupy at least two Hearts. Enter the instance through the 'Neglected Maintenance Tunnel' located in Tiamaranta's Eye.
  • Only the group leader can choose the difficulty level of an instance, and other group members can only use the entrance corresponding to the level the leader has selected. If a group leader chose the difficult version, the group members can enter only through the 'Neglected Maintenance Tunnel'.

Background Edit

Reian agents, on a covert operation to recover Siel's Relics, discovered a secret storeroom containing the treasure of the Satra Legion, and all of Satra's war funds. The agents notified Adella, the Tiamaranta Expedition Governor, and she made it a priority to seize the war funds. She couldn't spare a larger military force, and the agents were unable to succeed on their own, so Adella requested the help of Elyos and Asmodian commanders to recommend their most capable Daevas to assist with the operation.

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