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Sarpan was the homeland of the Reians. It was the first of the new areas introduced in the 3.0 update and oversaw player progress between levels 55 and 58. It was the first "true" shared map in the game, and the first time the Elyos and Asmodians both used the same capital city: Kamar.

The map was largely PvE because of Kahrun's Will, with map-wide PvP only being possible in the hours preceding the daily reset. A few small areas however were permanently exempted from Kahrun's will, and allowed for 24/7 PvP.

During the Upheaval (4.8 update) Sarpan was destroyed and sank into the abyssal ocean. The map is thus no longer accessible to players. Its purpose has since been taken over by Cygnea and Enshar.


Sarpan Map

Map of Sarpan

While fleeing from the Balaur the Reian people discovered a barren land. Most of it had been used as a Drana farm by Tiamat, drained of all its fertility. They named it Sarpan and set up a small village in the hopes of establishing a safe haven where they could hide from Tiamat, but the Dragon Lord found out about their establishment and launched a full-scale assault. Once more the Reian people had to flee.

Deprived of a home and completely helpless against the Balaur and the hundreds of other menaces present in Sarpan, the times were dire. This changed when Kahrun, a mysterious figure unknown to every villager, emerged. He displayed a power great enough to defeat a whole legion of Balaur soldiers, following which he led the Reians in their fight against Tiamat's troops. Through persistence and bloodshed, the Reian people managed to drive out most of Tiamat's forces and reclaim the land as their own.

The village was rebuilt, and across the years it managed to protect its inhabitants from the waves of invaders. Kahrun proved to be the true leader of the Reian tribe, and under his command the Reian people flourished in an age of prosperity. The capital city of Kamar was constructed, and the Reians extended their influence over Sarpan.

History Edit

After the failed attack against Tiamat (Aion 3.0), the Elysian battleship Griffoen and the Asmodian battleship Habrok were brought to Sarpan but fought one another until the Reian leader, Kahrun, stopped them. He demanded that the Elyos and Asmodians cease their hostilities for as long as they are on Reian soul. This demand was enforced through an autonomous aura effect known as Kahrun's Will, which covered the entirety of Sarpan and even reached parts of Tiamaranta. It was later discovered that this Will could be overridden by the presence of another strong leaders, such as the map's world bosses. The Elyos and Asmodians soon took the chance to battle each other near such places, hiding from the eyes of the Reians.

While trying to find a way to neutralize Tiamat's control over Siel's Relics, the united force of Daevas and Reians eventually come across the entrance to another realm. In it they find an ancient Reian protector, Protector Oriata, who then bestows both the original player and an NPC of the opposing faction with the power to neutralize Siel's Relics. After this the Daeva-Reian alliance now shifts its attention to Tiamaranta's Eye.

Dark Betrayal (4.0) Edit

After Tiamat's death Kahrun, tired of the scheming and betrayals from Marchutan/Kaisinel and the Asmodians/Elyos factions as a whole, left his throne in Kamar in search of a power that would allow him to protect the Reian people by himself. His investigation on Ide and the last Hyperion eventually led to his disappearance.

Shortly after Kahrun's Will was lifted from Sarpan, causing disputes to break out between the Elyos and Asmodians. Beritra took the chance and deployed one of his dredgions to destroy the city of Kamar. The disputes between the Atreians were enough to hide the approaching doom. The Reian capital soon turned into the lawless lands of Kamar Battlefield.

Upheaval (4.8) Edit

With their leader missing and their capital in ruins, the spirit of the Reian people broke. After the dust settled their efforts were invested on rebuilding Kamar, but with Beritra deploying his war-machines across Balaurea chaos soon broke out. Sarpan was ravaged by the invading machines, and when the Sealing Stone hidden within the region was destroyed Sarpan's fate was decided. The land cracked, burst into fragments, and sank into the Abyss ocean along with countless lives. The Elyos and Asmodians later brought the survivors to the newly discovered lands of Cygnea and Enshar.

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Trivia Edit

  • The map was composed of three 'levels' or layers: ground level (main area for players), two underground areas (Debarim Petralith Studio and Kamar Dungeon/Mephitic Caverns), and upper level (Elyos and Asmodian airships, Aturam Sky Fortress).
  • Empress Muada's hollowing of the land could have contributed to the shattering of the region during the Upheaval.
  • While originally an extensive Drana farm, Sarpan appears to be extremely abundant in Aether. This is proven by the presence of two flight areas (Ellesra Cave and Debarim Pertalith Studio) and inventions by ancient Reians based on Aether crystals (Sharptooths).
  • Other than Tiamat, creatures strong enough to counter Kahrun's Will included the Heart Incarnates (Graviwing, Fissurefang, Petriscale and Wrathclaw) and several world bosses such as Debarim the Omnipotent, Grand Chieftain Zakufu, Golden Tatar and Ativas Crystalline.
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