Dalor needs sap to tan leather. Bring him the sap extracted by <Motgar>.

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  • Bring the Sap Bottles to <Dalor>.

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Speak with <Dabi> to obtain the quest. Take the Sap Bottles to Dalor in Aldelle Village. Speak with Dalor to receive reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"You think I enjoy beating and threatening Motgar? I could stand here and watch him work all day, and at the end of it, maybe he'll have half a bucket ready. Maybe.But walk over to him, threaten him with a kick or two, and suddenly... bam! "Bucket of sap for you, Dabi, just like you asked."
1 "Some people just need encouragement."
"Encouragement... hehe, yeah. But that's the only thing that works. Motgar has no sense of working for the greater good... not for raiders, not for Asmodae, though. He's weak in mind, weak in body. Anyway, listen up, [Player Name]. Dalor is waiting on the sap so he can get started on armor for new raiders. Obviously I can't leave, or Motgar will take a nap or something. But you could deliver the sap for me. How about it?"

Accept Edit

"Aid me, and you aid the raiders. Aid the raiders, and you aid all of Asmodae.
Remember, take the sap to Dalor. He's been pouring blood and sweat into armorsmithing ever since he arrived - and he's fast.
We need to make sure that sap collection isn't the bottleneck in armor production."
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Not much of an Asmodian, are you? We rise and fall together, [Player Name]. What do you think "blood for blood" means anyway?
Maybe you think I should send Motgar on this errand. You think the sap would ever reach Aldelle?
Don't fool yourself. Motgar is nothing but a weakling, weak in mind and weak in body. I'll have to find someone else to take the sap to the village--someone worthy of being called an Asmodian.:
X "Good luck with that."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"If you're looking for an armorer, you've come to the wrong place!
I'm no armorer. I told <Tobu> that I used to sharpen swords in my village--swords!--and the next thing I know I've got sap, leather, and thread getting thrown at me by the handfuls.
Don't even get me started on the knives...
You look like someone who means to see the armorer. Look elsewhere."
1 "Erm...I have sap for you...?"
"Oh, Dabi sent you, didn't he?
Give it here, give it here.
You ask me, new members should have to make their own gear, if they get coddled from the start, they won't be much good later on..."


Dabi needed someone to take the sap Motgar extracted to Dalor in Aldelle village.

Dabi fears Motgar will become lazy if left alone, so he asked you to take the buckets of sap to Dalor.

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