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{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
Adds a savory taste to food.

Salt adds a savory taste to food and is an ingredient used in cooking.

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Uses Edit

elyosElyos Logo small <Cook: Roast Inina> 011p
AsmodianAsmodian Logo small <Cook: Roast Conide> 011p
22px Cook: Salted Cypri [?p]
22px Craft: Salted Pujery [?p]
22px Cook: Liguri Spaghetti [?p]
22px Craft: Krimer Spaghetti [?p]
22px Cook: Worg Gravy [?p]
22px Craft: Karnif Gravy [?p]
22px Cook: Shelled Venera [?p]
22px Craft: Blicora Temple [?p]
22px Cook: Venera Soup [?p]
AsmodianAsmodian Logo small <Cook: Blicora Soup> 8080p
AsmodianAsmodian Logo small <Cook: Fried Kisaki> 100100p
22px Cook: Fried Afari [?p]
22px Cook: Minced Crasaur Meat (Asmodian) [?p]
22px Craft: Minced Crasaur Meat (Elyos) [?p]
22px Cook: Rubashi Omelette [?p]
22px Cook: Vinna Omelette [?p]
22px Cook: Stuffed Lapia [?p]
22px Craft: Stuffed Gadill [?p]
22px Cook: Kurin Sausage [?p]
22px Cook: Hot Ksellid Sausage [?p]
22px Cook: Savory Ruta [?p]
22px Cook: Bacora Caviar [?p]
22px Cook: Savory Chikra [?p]
22px Craft: Dorado Caviar [?p]
22px Cook: Ruta Sandwich [?p]
22px Cook: Kurin Bulgogi [?p]
22px Cook: Chikra Sandwich [?p]
22px Cook: Brax Bulgogi [?p]
22px Cook: Zeyla Spaghetti [?p]
22px Craft: Rogen Spaghetti [?p]
22px Cook: Seasoned Tipolid Meat [?p]
22px Craft: Seasoned Abex Meat [?p]

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