Rush of Flames
Rush of Flames
Tango mana 208
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 15s
Tango duration 10s
Classes All
Level 75
Type Offensive
Target Selected target
Rush of Flames
lvl 1 - 9
Charges at a target within 20m and deals 838-842 physical damage, turning the target into Dancing Fire. Increases attack power by 20% for 10 sec, up to 2 times.
Multicast 2 Times.
Selected Target
Cast Time
Cast Instantly
Usage Cost
MP 208

Rush of Flames is one of the available skills when the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire> transformation is active. Leaps towards the target and boosts the caster's attack power for two attacks or 10s. Can be used twice in succession.

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