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Right Wing Chamber radar map

Radar map of the instance.


Right Wing Chamber is a group instance for levels 30-43. There is no entrance prerequisite, but your faction must own Siel's Eastern Fortress to be able to enter the instance. The entrance is on a lower level in the fortress, in the artifact room. Cooldown is 12 hours for re-entry.

Walkthrough Edit

After entering the instance, there is a blue Aether barrier. Once the Aetheric barrier is broken, there are 15 minutes until the treasure chests vanish. All mobs are elite (except the Drakies) in this instance, and give AP.

There are many small chests that may contain AP relics, medals, kinah or quest items. Also there is a Golden chest that spawns at one of the four possible locations and may contain level 30 AP items, relics or kinah.

Pesky Drakies will prevent you from opening chests, so either kill them or use Anti-Shock scrolls and damage absorbing skills to ignore the drakies.

Pull mobs very carefully and watch out for patrols.

If there is a level 44+ player in your group, who isn't mentoring, chests won't drop anything except medals and quest items.

Note that relics and abyss items aren't tradeable, not even temporary.

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