You found a letter with Ulgorn's name on it while hunting near the lake. You should take it to the boss.

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The Rolled Scroll drops from a <Blackbeak Airon> in Lake Tunapre. Right-click it to begin the quest. The scroll was originally a letter to Ulgorn, so take it to him. After Ulgorn reads the letter and blushes, he asks you to return the letter to <Linevir>, the Soul Healer, with his response.

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Rolled Scroll
(You've found a small note, neatly folded in wax paper and tied together with string.)
(After a quick examination, you find "Dear Ulgorn" written in neat handwriting on the underside.)
(This note was clearly meant for Ulgorn, boss of the raiders. You should take it to him.)
X "Well, this should be interesting."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"What brings you here, [Player Name]?
I don't recall sending you on a task that you'd have finished so soon...
Perhaps you meant to speak with <Tobu>?"
1 "I think this is yours."
"Let me read this...
[Player Name], where did you get this?
This takes me back to some dark times. Back to places I'd rather not return. You had no way of knowing, of course. But I wish you'd never found that letter.
Tell no one else, but take the note back to Linevir. Tell her that this is all too soon. The memories of my former wife are still fresh in my mind..."
1 "The task is mine."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Why are you here, [Player Class]? You don't seem to need Soul Healing.
Explain yourself of depart. You intrude on my prayers."
1 "Ulgorn read this note..."
"But...but...I don't understand! I thought I threw the note away! Ulgorn actually read the note?
No...Oh no...
Yes, I wrote the note, and yes, I did intend to give it to him. But then I had a change of heart. I knew Ulgorn hadn't recovered from his loss. I knew he wouldn't be ready for another...whatever it would have been.
How can I even look at him again? I've been such a fool!"

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You found a letter with Ulgorn's name on it while hunting near the lake.

You brought it to the boss. However, after reading it, Ulgorn became visibly upset and asked you to hand it back to Linevir.

Linevir, in turn, was ashamed after finding out that the boss read her letter, and wasn't sure she would be able to face Ulgorn again.

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  • As with all quests that begin with a quest giving item; if abandoned, the item disappears from your inventory and you will not be able to start the quest again without obtaining another item.

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