The Post at Moslan Crossing is late sending their report. Convey Rion's message to Loriniah.

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After getting the quest, walk to Moslan Crossing and speak with Loriniah to get your reward.

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"I just don't see the point. I think the fortress commander hates me.
He gives me trivial tasks that take a lot of my time, but don't do justice to my skills. There's no challenge. No fun.
Now I'm to make a report on the status of equipment and supplies dispatched outside the fortress."
1 "Sounds dull."
"You have no idea. And our equipment gets dispatched to several different places. I've managed to collect information from most detachments, but Moslan Crossroads hasn't reported back yet.
I don't suppose you plan to head that way?
If you do, will you tell Loriniah to make a report on the current equipment and supply status and send it to me as soon as possible?"
1 "Accept"
2 "Decline"

Accept Edit

"Thank you. You can find Loriniah at the Moslan Crossroad.
I've heard the Karnifs are think in the Moslan Forest, so be careful.
If you leave right now I may actually be able to report in time."
X "I'll get him the message."

Decline Edit

"Ah, not heading that way?
That's all right. Thanks anyway. I'll get that report sooner or later."
X "Good luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hello. What brings you here?"
1 "I have a message for you."
"Ah! The report!
I was just about to send it, but realized at the last moment that some of the numbers were wrong.
I'll get this to Rion as soon as I correct the errors."

Summary Edit

While making a comprehensive report on supplies, Rion found that the Moslan Crossing had not yet sent a report. He asked you to go to the post and urge them to submit it.

As you conveyed Rion's message, Loriniah said that he was correcting a few errors and would send the report as soon as possible.

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