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Researcher Teselik

Researcher Teselik is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> bodyguards stationed to Sauro Supply Base. She is the third boss of the instance and is required to open the way into the Lost Tree of Devotion.

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This Spiritmaster Drakan has basic single target attacks, such as Flame cage (NPC) <Fire Burst> and Flame Bolt I <Flame Bolt>. Her only speciality is Macro type 1 <Summoning Ritual>, through which she spawns several <Sheban Mystical Tyrhunds>, which will explode if not killed within time. Once killed, <Sheban Mystical Tyrhunds> will be summoned anyway, and the way into the Lost Tree of Devotion will open.

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  • Sauren eternal accessories
  • Sauro Guard's fabled accessories
  • Crafting Materials

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