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Order: The Elim are asking for help. Meet the mercenary who defends the forest and find out what's happening.

Quest Information[]


<Kobold Axe> (0/6)
  • Meet <Daminu>, the ruler of the forest.
  • Relive your lost memories.
  • Talk with Daminu.
  • Report to <Kalio>.

Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]

Choose from one of the following:


Talk to Ampeis to start the quest. Go talk to the Forest Protector Noah and learn more about the situation. Find and wake up 2 Sleeping Elders with the flute from your inventory by clicking on the Sleeping Elder. Report back to Forest Protector Noah with your results. Retrieve 6 Kobold Axes and return them to Noah. Go back and talk to Daminu again then return to Mercenary Captain Kalio for your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"You're late, [Player Name]. What took you so long?
I hope you're ready to get started. I've wasted enough time as it is."
1.png "How can I help, Ampeis?"
"Right. It's this Elim, Forest Protector Noah. He's been pestering me for help of some kind. Now, normally I's not shy away from extra work, but somehow I don't think the Elim deal in Kinah as we do.
I've tried ignoring him, but he's been so persistent...Look, just go speak with him, okay? Find out what he wants.
By Aion's Tower, if he comes near me one more time Namus's axe is going to have a new home. You understand?"
1.png "I'll take care of it."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

Forest Protector Noah
"Ahhhhh...Ampheis must have... sent you...
Hear me out Human... I was hoping to avoid calling on your... assistance...This though...can't be helped..."
1.png "What is it you need from us?"


"The Kobolds are...destroying the forest.
My brothers the trees...cry out to me!"
Forest Protector Noah
"Listen carefully, Human... do you hear my Brethren's cries of...pain...with each passing breeze? My boughs ache with their anguish...
I speak of the forest...the living entity under which stand...Listen! The forest cries out in terror as the Dukaki...server them from the living world..."
1.png "what can I do?"
"There are creatures...within this forest--the Sleeping Elders...and they alone can save us...Now, though...they lie in slumber...unaware of the carnage and death...all around them...
You will need this--the Flute of Elim. It is the only stir them form their slumber...
Hurry, I feel the forest's roots binding around mine. Hurry to the Sleeping Elders.. and play the instrument... before them..."
1.png "I'll return the moment I'm done."
"[Player Name]...The panicked voices of the trees... are beginning to quiet. The forest...thanks you...
But the Dukaki... still they attack in such numbers. The Elders do their best... but there are so many...
Please, I must call...on you...again. They must be stopped...
1.png "I have seen their work. How can I help?"
"The time for...battle is nigh, [Player Name]...
You must...go to the Deforested Area.. and there you must defeat Dukaki Woodcutters and Dukaki Lumberjacks...
For the sake of the forest...and the Elim...please hurry..."
1.png "I'll bring you their axes, Noah."
Forest Protector Noah
"With every passing breath... my brothers fall...
Ahhh, it's you...[Player Name]...
I were successful..."
1.png "Look here."
"So much pain... caused by such...simple beasts...
You have the thanks of all the forest. You did something... remarkable today...
Listen...the wind... it carries your name, [Player Name], No... it calls out...Daminu has called ...on you."
1.png "Daminu?"
"The very same. The lord of the forest is calling your name...listen closely to the breeze...
[Player Name]...this is a great honor. His lordship has not spoken to a Human... in a great many years...
Do not keep Daminu waiting..."
1.png "May the shadows never find you."
"Greetings, child...I am Lord Daminu, protector of all you see before you...
I have summoned you here so that... I may thank you on behalf... of the Daminu Forest. Noah has informed me of the hard work and ... dedication you displayed in defending... wait...what this?
There is ...something...Who are you?"
1.png "My apologies, Lord Daminu. I have lost my memory."
"Strange. Something unusual...resides within you, [Player name].
If you desire it, I can help you...recover parts of your past. But know may see do not wish to recall... it is...your decision...young [Player Class].
If you wish my aid, you need only...lay your hand on me..."
1.png "All right."


" You're finally here, [Player name]. And not a moment too soon! The Balaur have seized Karamatis!"
We have to retake it now if we're to have a hope of winning the battle. And as if the Orissan Legion were not trouble enough, the Asmodian Archons block our access to Karamatis.
we will take care of the Asmodians, but we need you to go to Karamatis and defeat the Balaur!"
"Interesting. Clearly, you are a being of great...significance to Elysea. the fullness of your time... your memories will...return to you. Your destiny... and the fate of Elysea...these two branches...they are entwined together, though I do not yet know how...
[Player name], I must the forest, now. We will meet again, though...I am certain."
1.png "I hope so, Lord Daminu"

Reward Dialogue[]

"You took care of the Elim I hope, [Player name]?
There's no money in working with those creatures, but the villagers understandably want to maintain a high level of harmony with the native species. We keep the Elim happy, that keeps the villagers happy, and that keeps us in pocket. Simple.
Do you have anything else to report?"
1.png "Lord Daminum, he showed me my past."
"Lord Daminu?! He never speaks to Humans, at least according to the villagers.
I wonder what it is those Elim see in you?
Right, well, there's no time now. If you memory comes back, it comes back--I wouldn't dwell on it if I were you. I'm sure you have work to do. Dismissed!"


The Elim have requested help. At Ampeis's request you met with Noah, who told you the Dukaki were cutting down trees in the forest.

You played the flute to wake the Sleeping Elders, then defeated the Dukaki on their behalf. Lord Daminu, the ruler of the forest, showed you a glimpse of your lost past as a reward, but Kalio told you not to dwell on it.

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