Deliver Rikesh's notes to Tyr, in the Morheim Observatory.

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Take the report to Tyr at the Morheim Observatory which is located to the southwest of Alsig Village to collect your reward.

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"I wish Tyr was here! This is his specialty.
He's the Aetheric Field Protector for Morheim. He has a lovely, informal attitude--among Daevas and Humans alike--and a deft sense of humor.
He hates formal procedure and reading paperwork, but I fear..."
1 "Is something wrong?"
"I.m not sure. Our local wildlife are....
Well...animal attacks are rising. And they're violent as well. And animals are foraging much closer to town.
Much worse and they'll overwhelm our guards, even with the volunteers. But the Fortress has sent all the troops they will. I could use advice."
1 "Can I help?"
"Your concern does you credit!
I've written Tyr a report of what's happening. You could take it to him at Morheim Observatory.
He's know if its something in the aether."

Accept Edit

"Thank you. I've crammed in all the details.I fear he'll hate reading it.
I think you'll like him. It's very hard to do otherwise."
X "Sounds fun!"

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"What shall I do?
It's harvest time, so the whole town's busy.
If your plans change, do tell me."
X "Sorry, Rikesh!"

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"Do you know why Shugos have such long tails?
No? I will tell you why. To keep from falling behind in their business!
Hahahee! Heh...falling...behind... Heh...
No? Not even a snicker? Well, they can't all be gems! I s'pose you're on business?"
1 "Yes, Rikesh is frightened."
"Oh, Rikesh! Haven't seen her for so long! Now SHE knows a riddle or two.... Let's see that. Hmmm..."increase in aggressive...close to town..." Well!
The Aether's perturbed, yes, but not badly. It's certainly not so serious as to stir up creatures far down in town! Get it? Perturbed? Stir up? No? Ah, well.
Poor Rikesh's always been a worry-wart. I'll compose something reassuring for her. Consider your duties here discharged! Be well, and...try to smile!"

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Rikesh said a rise in animal aggression seemed related to the nearby Aetheric flow.

You took a report about the situation to Tyr at the Observatory.

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