Your work in the Akarios Plains is complete. Go to Akarios Village and report your results to Priest Polinia.

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Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

Speak with <Mires> to receive quest. Travel to Akarios Village and speak to Priest Polinia next to the Temple in the village.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Ok, [Player Name], listen up.
You're working out well, so I think we can trust you with more important tasks.
Up this path lies Akarios Village. Captain Kalio can make better use of you there."
1 "What about the Kerubs?"
"Don't worry, there's a new bunch of recruits starting later and I'll get them working on the infestation. Your orders are to head up to the village and give a report to Polinia.
She needs to settle our accounts, so we can get paid. Tell her everything we've done here."


Polinia is usually near the Nobelium. Make sure she gets all the details in her report.
Afterward, make sure you speak to Captain Kalio--he'll know what to do with you."
X "Good advice, I'll be on my way."


"A mercenary who doesn't want to be paid, eh?
You're a strange one, [Player Name]!
Fine, you just sit around here. I'll head up to the village later.
X "Fine by me."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Before you speak, remember that you stand before the great Nobelium. This is a place of worship and I will not tolerate disrespect, even from a mercenary.
Now, what is it?"
1 "I have a report from the Akarios Plains."
You bring good news to the Nobelium! I'll combine this with the other reports and present them to the villagers later.
The Akarios Plains are a source of concern for the villagers here, and while some were hesitant to bring in mercenaries, I can now see that our money was well spent. Tell me though--did you see a farmer in the pains, a man named Kales? He is my cousin, and I have not heard from him in some time. I do hope he is well...
Oh, and don't worry, I took detailed notes. I know how particular Mires is about his reports."


Mires sent you to the village to report to Polinia on the situation in the Akarios Plains.

Polinia assured you that she'd noted everything accurately.

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