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Rentus Base 3.0 Concept Art

Rentus Base is a group instance, a former Reian base which was assaulted by the Balaur. Its entrance is located in Reian Refugee Camp in Cygnea and Rentus Recovery Base in Enshar. It features two versions: Rentus Base for players of level 57 and above, and Occupied Rentus Base for players of level 65 and above.

On the Fast Track Server, players may also find the entrance to Rentus Base in Inggison Illusion Fortress in Inggison and Gelkmaros Fortress in Gelkmaros.

The instance was originally introduced in 3.0 for players of level 59 and above in the Balaur Cavalry Base in Tiamaranta. After the addition of Upheaval, it underwent several drastic changes.

Backstory Edit

Rentus Base is a secret fortress made by the Reians as part of their resistance against the Balaur. Built in a canyon between Tiamaranta and Sarpan to employ widespread counter-attacks against the Balaur.

Rentus Base canyon

The base had been used to train soldiers, forge weapons and armor, and prepare for battles with the Balaur. However, <Merops>, who had been trusted to help organize the base, betrayed the secret of its existence to Tiamat's subordinate, <Brigade General Vasharti>. Through Merops' cooperation, the Vasharti Legion summoned their power and travelled through the Abyss Gate to infiltrate the base. They then occupied the fortress and mercilessly slaughtered many of the brave resistance soldiers stationed there. Some did survive, however, and escaped to ask for reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Daevas and Reians who managed to escape the Balaur built a network of roads leading to the fortress from all directions to help protect the reinforcements. They are defending the fortress from falling completely into ruin.

Due to its positioning, Rentus Base stood strong against the explosions caused by Beritra's Invasion. Although part of it was destroyed, most of the base remains intact. The Reian tribe was separated when Cygnea and Enshar rose, but the discovery of Rentus Base's conservation caused them to verify that several of their comrades were alive in the opposite land. They, along with the assistance from Daevas, are trying to recover it once again from the Vasharti Legion to rescue the remaining comrades and claiming it as a settlement.

Walkthrough Edit

There are two versions of Rentus Base available. Rentus Base, accessed from the faction's own area; Cygnea (E)/Enshar (A), which works as a normal version. Alternatively, Occupied Rentus Base, accessed from the opposing faction's areas; Cygnea (A)/Enshar (E). This one works as a hard version.

Rentus Base (discontinued) Edit


Rentus Base Map

All monsters are of level 60. Players are dropped at the start, and will have to cross a battlefield full of Reians and Balaur. There will be cannons knocking down players from time to time, and therefore moving swiftly is recommended. Across the field, the group will meet <Ariana>, anxiously awaiting Daeva reinforcements.

Pressing forward, players will eventually meet up with the first boss, <Pagati Tamer Nishaka>, along with her two pets <Ashi> and <Borca>. In order to fight her, the player must first get rid of her two pagatis, by focusing on one, followed by the other. With them out of the formula, the group may properly fight <Pagati Tamer Nishaka>, whose only menacing skill is entering a stealth state, reappearing shortly afterwards, pulling players to her and using Binding Rune I <Mangle> to deal damage near her. Once killed, the gate behind her will open.

The battlefield extends more, eventually leading to another section where players will meet <Merops>, who will paralyse the group and ask them to leave. As Daevas refuse to do so, he summons <Umatha the Crazed>. This is a mini boss which will only use Cbt Pulled <Capture> (pulling targets to him), followed by Macro type 1 <Power Attack> (dealing heavy damage on the target pulled).

The following area, resembling a broken down colliseum, will hold <Zantaraz>. This Ragnarok specimen must be fought by mounting the cannons stationed where <Umatha the Crazed> was fought. One player will take the Defensive Cannon, acting as the main tank, while the rest make use of the Offensive Cannons, the damage dealers. After clearing out the arena of the boss' minions, the group may begin the fight. The player on the Defensive Cannon will have to move in circles around the boss, taunting him and tha additional monsters spawned, preventing them from attacking the other players. Meanwhile, the damage dealers will take the form of a Siege Cannon (third skill usable while being on a tank), dealing damage on <Zantaraz>. With the boss down, a gate will open, and a cutscene will begin, with <Captain Xasta> capturing <Ariana>.

The next area will be the Residential Zone. Certain houses in this area can be entered, and inside one of them, the group may find <Ariana's Jewellery Box>. However, doing so will cause Balaur legionaries, hidden under stealth, to attack. As the box will only spawn inside one of the houses, they may save up time by entering only one of them.

After reaching a bridge, players will encounter <Tarotran>. This small boss offers low difficultly. As the fight starts a <Reian Bomber> will appear, setting up <Explosive Drana Crystal> around the boss. By interacting with them, players may deal additional damage on the boss (although it is usually not needed). <Tarotran> will only use Illusion I <Rage> (boosting its offensive attributes) and Fire Burst II <Serial Crush> (a single target attack).

Immediately after the stairs, <Merops> will make an appearance, paralysing the group and ask Daevas not to interfere once again. He will summon <Ambusher Kiriana>, another mini boss. She will use Eye of Wrath I <Dominance> (buffing her offensive attributes) and Tremor npc <Paralysis> (paralysing a target). After disposing of her, the group may proceed to the following boss, <Captain Xasta> awaiting in the Fortress Battlements.

<Captain Xasta>, mounting his dragon, is a tough enemy composed of two phases. The first half will be about dealing as much damage on the boss before being overwhelmed by the additional monsters which will be spawned. During this phase, he will use Spirit Flow I <Dragon Breath> (a frontal AoE attack) and a shield (making him invulnerable to damage), marking the appearance of the <Inhibitor Sikars>, the additional monsters. The group should deal the most damage before the shield appears. When the buff pops, damage must cease, and players will have to stand the <Inhibitor Sikars>. After the shield is down, the party must finish off the boss.

The second phase is a lot more simple. <Captain Xasta> has dismounted his dragon and will now fight himself. His only special skills will be Stunning Shot I <Stunning Shot VI> (stunning a single target), spawning traps under certain players (which can be avoided by simply moving away) and a long variety of single target attacks (similarly named after Rangers' skills). He will also use Mana Treatment V <Mana Treatment V>, during which he will not be able to attack. With Xasta defeated, players will meet a thankful <Ariana>, who will open the way to the last sections of the instance.

Siel's Forge is the main factory used to create equipment. After making their way through a collapsed hall, the party will meet <Kuhara the Volatile>. This Drakan boss is usually done by a single person. Due to him being invulnerable to physical damage, the concept is to kite the boss around and lure him to the Oil Casks which spawn. As he destroys them, the oil inside will spill around a small section of the floor. This oil will give whoever is standing on it a debuff, making that person suffer a greater amount of damage from the bombs summoned by Kuhara. After a certain amount of time, he will use Iron Skin I <Summon Bombs>, which will spawn several Kuhara's Bombs and make them run towards him. It is important for everyone to keep certain distance from that area as the explosion may also hurt players. He will also use Macro type 1 <Shock Wave> (an AoE attack around him which will knock down enemies) and a multi-strike attack, affecting targets in front of him.

Using the elevator on the back of the room, players will reach the last area of the instance, the Military Supply Base. <Merops> will make a final appearance here, spawning <Archmagus Upadi>, the last of the mini bosses. His only powers include summoning Upadi's Echoes (additional monsters), Mutation: Gorgon (transforms a player in a bull, disabling them to use skills) and Benevolence I <Blaze Circlet> (an AoE attack). With him out, players may press forward, into The Bridge.

Inside there, the group will meet <Merops> one last time, with him talking to <Brigade General Vasharti>. As Merops asks him to stop attacking the Reians as part of their deal, Vasharti betrays him and puts an end to his life. Acknowledging the presence of the Daevas, he prepares to finish them.

<Brigade General Vasharti> is the last and main boss in Rentus Base. During the encounter, he will use Interval Skill <Red Flame Reflective Shield> and Interval Skill NPC <Blue Flame Reflective Shield>. These dangerous protective buffs will instantly redirect damage back to the attacker. These can be countered through two methods:

  • The buff can be dispelled by a Spiritmaster or a Songweaver after it is casted (being the recommended method)
  • Position damage dealers near the respectively coloured generator, receiving a buff which reduces the amount of damage reflected

Whenever these buffs are casted, two additional monsters will be summoned; Kiss of Fire (red) and Kiss of Ice (blue). Kiss of Fire can only be killed from skills which inflict magic damage, and will cast Sun Burst <Red Flame>, inflicting damage on nearby targets. Meanwhile, Kiss of Ice can only be disposed of by using skills of physical damage, and will cast Storm Slash <Blue Flame>, reducing the MP of nearby enemies. Both should be taken out as soon as possible.

He will also, from time to time, cast Boon of Iron-Clad I <Sea of Fire>, gaining a shield, making him invulnerable to damage. During this phase, players will have to evade his attacks by avoid standing on the circles on the ground (blue ones will reduce MP, while red ones will deal damage). Party members will additionally gain a buff, increasing Movement Speed and reducing Casting Speed. The last skill set present in this fight are Slashing Wind I <Fire Column> (dealing damage on nearby enemies and knocking them out) and Darkness Servent NPC <Palm Blast> (a long distance attack which will inflict damage on a target and the ones around it), both equally damaging.

Once <Brigade General Vasharti> has been defeated, <Ariana> will show up in The Bridge, congratulating Daevas for having saved Rentus Base. The group may now loot Vasharti's corpse for the instance's main loot.


4.8 Rentus Base

Rentus Base (Post-Upheaval) Edit

Accessible for players of level 57. Players are sent directly to the Residential Zone, guarded by <Ariana>, <Lition> and a set of guards. Dragging Balaur enemies near them will cause them to attack them.

After having cleared this section, all group members must make sure not to go up the stairs. Doing so causes <Captain Xasta> to be triggered. The objective is to bring Xasta's HP down to at least 50% by using the <Siege Cannon> located shortly after. It is important for the group to decide what member takes what cannon out of the six available. Most parties opt to mark each player with a number, assigning them to a specific cannon. When ready, the group focuses on the flying <Captain Xasta>, damaging him the most possible with Wing Blaster <Antiaircraft Gun Bombardment>, the attack given by the <Siege Cannon>. When done, players may hop off the cannon by using Polymorph State <Unmount>.

If the group managed to take down 50% of his health, the group will only confront <Captain Xasta> from his second phase, and he will drop Key type 8 <Rentus Supplies Storage Box Key>. This key will allow players to open the box which spawns after having defeated <Brigade General Vasharti>, which shares drops with him, acting as a "second chance" for players to obtain the rewards they wish. However, if the group fails, the party will have to fight <Captain Xasta> in both of his phases and will not receive the key. Most groups will choose to skip Xasta if failed by sticking to the right wall and avoiding his aggro range.

During his first phase, <Captain Xasta> will only use Spirit Flow I <Dragon Breath> and will spawn flames on the ground which will follow group members. Standing on them will cause the player gain the Lava Tempest I <Soul Conflagration> debuff, being drained of its HP, MP and silencing them, making it imperative for them to avoid it the most possible. On his second phase, he will be the same as his previous version, using Stunning Shot I <Stunning Shot VI>, spawning traps under certain players, a long variety of single target attacks and Mana Treatment V <Mana Treatment V>.

With Xasta out of the way, players may press forward through the menacing Balaur guards. Reaching the Fortress Battlements, they will meet both <Ambusher Kiriana> and <Umatha the Crazed> at the same time. They will use their old skill set; Eye of Wrath I <Dominance> and Tremor npc <Paralysis>, and Cbt Pulled <Capture> and Macro type 1 <Power Attack> respectively. With them out of the way, the group may advance into Siel's Forge.

From this point on, the instance follows an identical structure to its predecessor. The only difference is the location of <Ariana's Jewellery Box>. It can instead be found after fighting <Archmagus Upadi>, hidden between some boxes to the right.

Occupied Rentus Base Edit

A level 65 instance, which follows the same design to the level 57 version, with the exception that all monsters inside are level 65 and the loot is adjusted as such. All bosses when defeated will drop a Red sack <Blood Mark Bundle>, lootable by everyone. When opened, it will reward Blood Mark <Blood Marks>.

Another particularity about this version of the instance appears during the fight against <Brigade General Vasharti>. The main difficulty is that the boss is timed. If he is not defeated within 10 minutes, he will enter an "enraged" mode, greatly boosting his attack power. This state can only be reverted by restarting the fight, which may be done as much as the group wishes. Furthermore, when the boss uses Boon of Iron-Clad I <Sea of Fire> and begins spawning circles in the ground, unlike the easier version, the group will not receive the buff which boosts their movement and cast speed.

When the boss is killed, players may loot his body for two bundles; Special box type 3 <Rentus Base Supplies> and Box type 7 <Vasharti's Equipment Box>, and rarely Wing feather type 4 <Brigade General Vasharti's Wings>. The former will reward consumables such as enchantment stones and crafting materials. The latter will randomly contain either of three other bundles which reward a piece of equipment the owner may choose; they are Box type 7 <Vasharti Legionnaire's Weapon Box> (only containing eternal gear), Box type 7 <Vasharti Brigade General's Armor Box> (holding mythic armor) and Box type 7 <Vasharti Brigade General's Weapon Box> (rewarding a mythic weapon for the owner's class).

Provided the party has succeeded taking <Captain Xasta> to the second phase, the group may use the Key type 8 <Rentus Supplies Storage Box Key> for a second round of loot.

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AION 4.3 Rentus Base

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  • Rentus Base used to be required to do level 8 legion tasks before 4.8.
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