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Remodeling is a service that allows players to replace the appearance of an item by using the style (skin) of another item of the same type. This is also known as reskinning. It allows player to keep the same style while upgrading equipment.


Item remodeling requires a player level of 10 or higher. Items must be in inventory and cannot be equipped. Items must be the same type (plate for plate, sword for sword). The only exceptions are items with the type armor and clothing. Not all items can be remodeled and their tooltip will show the attribute Cannot Remodel. If an item with the attribute Can only be remodeled once is used for item remodeling, the new item will have the attribute Cannot be used for item remodeling. Remodeled items state Skin Remodeled Item at the bottom of their tooltip.

How To Remodel[]

Item remodel.png

Talk to <Keruthis> in Pandaemonium or <Laokones> in Sanctum to remodel items. Place the item to be remodeled into the top slot and the desired appearance item into the next slot. The second item will be destroyed in the remodeling process. The cost will be calculated based on the level and rarity of the two items. A visual update will display the end result. Check carefully before you finish the remodel.

Players often choose clothing or costume items to remodel their equipment. These items, sold by merchants (<Eiren> (Asmodian) and Stenon (Elyos), can be put on armor of any type.

Wearing the Style of the Opposing Faction[]

The generic style of Asmodian and Elyos armor is very different, and therefore items which have the appearance of the opposing faction are highly sought after.

Realizing the opportunity to turn a high profit, Shugo merchants smuggle these items across enemy borders to sell to the opposing faction. If one of these Shugos is found, get there quick; they won't stand around long in fear of getting caught.

These remodel items are typically untradeable Common (White) quality items. However, some merchants sell tradable gift bags that can be sold or traded to other players.

Asmodian Defeated Guardian set (level 30)

Vendor locations in Morheim.

Merchant Item
Slag Bulwark,
White Shoes.gif <Defeated Guardian's Shoes>
White Gloves.gif <Defeated Guardian's Gloves>
White Pauldrons.gif <Defeated Guardian's Pauldrons>
White Boots.gif <Defeated Guardian's Boots>
White Vambrace.gif <Defeated Guardian's Vambrace>
White Shoulderguards.gif <Defeated Guardian's Shoulderguards>
White Brogans.gif <Defeated Guardian's Brogans>
White Handguards.gif <Defeated Guardian's Handguards>
White Spaulders.gif <Defeated Guardian's Spaulders>
White Sabatons.gif <Defeated Guardian's Sabatons>
White Gauntlets.gif <Defeated Guardian's Gauntlets>
White Shoulderplates.gif <Defeated Guardian's Shoulderplates>
Lepharist Citadel
White Leggings.gif <Defeated Guardian's Leggings>
White Tunic.gif <Defeated Guardian's Tunic>
White Breeches.gif <Defeated Guardian's Breeches>
White Jerkin.gif <Defeated Guardian's Jerkin>
White Chausses.gif <Defeated Guardian's Chausses>
White Hauberk.gif <Defeated Guardian's Hauberk>
White Greaves.gif <Defeated Guardian's Greaves>
White Breastplate.gif <Defeated Guardian's Breastplate>
Elyos Defeated Archon set (level 30)

Vendor locations in Eltnen.

Merchant Item
Eracus Temple,

Indratu Barracks,
22px Defeated Archon's Shoes
22px Defeated Archon's Gloves
22px Defeated Archon's Pauldrons
22px Defeated Archon's Boots
22px Defeated Archon's Vambrace
22px Defeated Archon's Shoulderguards
22px Defeated Archon's Brogans
22px Defeated Archon's Handguards
22px Defeated Archon's Spaulders
22px Defeated Archon's Sabatons
22px Defeated Archon's Gauntlets
22px Defeated Archon's Shoulderplates
Lepharist Bastion,

Nute Warrens,
22px Defeated Archon's Leggings
22px Defeated Archon's Tunic
22px Defeated Archon's Breeches
22px Defeated Archon's Jerkin
22px Defeated Archon's Chausses
22px Defeated Archon's Hauberk
22px Defeated Archon's Greaves
22px Defeated Archon's Breastplate

Using Dye[]

Dye may also be used on remodeled items to further customize their appearance. If the item on which we want put new skin is dyed, it's color will be lost after remodeling. However, if you first apply dye on the new skin, the colour will transfer as well.

Main article: Dye (general)

Restoring the Original Skin[]

It is possible to restore the original appearance of item using <Pattern Reshaper>. This can be purchased from <Njomi> (Pandaemonium) or <Judisina> (Sanctum). These NPCs are located in the same room as the item remodelers.

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