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Relic Techgolem

Relic Techgolem is one of the three possible lesser bosses in the Archives of Eternity, along with the <Augmented Fleshgolem> and <Crystalized Shardgolem>. They are the defenders of the ancient knowledge contained in the library.

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This boss will use a variety of attacks when encountered: Macro type 1 <Furious Strike> (single target damage), Macro type 1 <Tactical Smash> (single target attack) and Storm Strike I <Storm Strike> (frontal cone AoE damage). Other skills to watch out for include Macro type 1 <Mystical Blast>, which will inflict damage on players who are standing on specific parts of the chamber after some seconds, which can be avoided by moving out, and Staggered Rest <Force Freeze>, an AoE that will paralyze any target in front of it.

However, the boss' main threat is Macro type 1 <Strike of Expulsion>, an attack that will inflict massive damage on an enemy and targets surrounding it. If the tank does not have an HP pool big enough to counter it, or defensive buffs, it is recommended to make someone stand beside the person, as damage will be distributed between them. Additionally, from time to time, the boss will summon a <Techgolem Repairman>, which will buff the boss boosting his offensive attributes when it reaches it. Some groups choose to ignore these as even with all buffs active, the fight is manageable, while others may choose to dispose of them (and as such, they position the boss away from the door the mobs spawn from, giving more time to get the damage in).

Unlike other bosses however, the this bosses may sometimes not rage after 5 minutes, and instead, throughout the fight, will make use of Macro type 1 <Calamitous Blast>, a long range AoE which will inflict a lot of damage on all targets in the room. This one cannot be avoided, and classes with lower HP available might die.

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