Relic Appraiser

The Relic Appraiser menu allows quick calculations of relic items the player owns.

Relics, commonly referred to as AP items, are items that can be turned in to increase Abyss Points. With the 2.6 patch, a Relic Appraiser feature was added to the menu (default F10) under Additional Features. This feature will automatically calculate all Relics in the player's cube and warehouse and show the total AP of all items. Changing the setting from Change Bind Point to Exchange Core will automatically adjust the AP values. As well, you can calculate the additional relics to obtain to hit a target AP goal by adjusting the numbers up and down on the right hand side sliders. Hit Initialize to reset the number of relics.

List of Relics Edit

The following table lists the Relic and the AP value when turned in normally or at the Core.

Lesser Ancient Icon <Lesser Ancient Icon> 300 ---
Ancient Icon <Ancient Icon> 600 ---
Greater Ancient Icon <Greater Ancient Icon> 900 ---
Major Ancient Icon <Major Ancient Icon> 1,200 ---
Lesser Ancient Seal <Lesser Ancient Seal> 600 ---
Ancient Seal <Ancient Seal> 1,200 ---
Greater Ancient Seal <Greater Ancient Seal> 1,800 ---
Major Ancient Seal <Major Ancient Seal> 2,400 ---
Lesser Ancient Goblet <Lesser Ancient Goblet> 800 1,200
Ancient Goblet <Ancient Goblet> 1,600 2,400
Greater Ancient Goblet <Greater Ancient Goblet> 2,400 3,600
Major Ancient Goblet <Major Ancient Goblet> 3,200 4,800
Lesser Ancient Crown <Lesser Ancient Crown> 1,600 2,400
Ancient Crown <Ancient Crown> 3,200 4,800
Greater Ancient Crown <Greater Ancient Crown> 4,800 7,200
Major Ancient Crown <Major Ancient Crown> 6,400 9,600

Relic NPCs Edit

Relic NPCs reward the return of icons, seals, goblets or crowns with Abyss Points. Each type of relic requires the correct NPC. In addition to the NPCs in Primum Landing and Teminon Landing, there are specific NPCs in Balaurea who can redeem bundles of several relics at once, speeding the process. As well, the two Shugos in the Eye of Reshanta redeem Goblets or Crowns for a higher amount making the trip worthwhile.

Relic TypeNPCLocation
Ancient Icon ByrgafaPrimum Landing, Reshanta
IacchusTeminon Landing, Reshanta
<Frigga>Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
<Denil> (bundle)Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
FilliaInggison Fortress, Inggison
Eare (bundle)Inggison Fortress, Inggison
Ancient Seal BakanPrimum Landing, Reshanta
CeresTeminon Landing, Reshanta
<Taegir>Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
<Donelpe> (bundle)Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
ElrinInggison Fortress, Inggison
Raria (bundle)Inggison Fortress, Inggison
Ancient Goblet TielePrimum Landing, Reshanta
PhilemonTeminon Landing, Reshanta
<Rhiannon>Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
<Econe> (bundle)Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
GioniInggison Fortress, Inggison
Polybus (bundle)Inggison Fortress, Inggison
<Amarunerk>Eye of Reshanta, Reshanta
Ancient Crown JuergenPrimum Landing, Reshanta
BergilaTeminon Landing, Reshanta
<Nyset>Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
<Ewein> (bundle)Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros
FabianInggison Fortress, Inggison
Othrys (bundle)Inggison Fortress, Inggison
<Momorinrinerk>Eye of Reshanta, Reshanta
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