Sarpan western guardian seal

Reian soldiers at a Guardian Seal.

The Reian Tribe is a non-playable race inhabiting Balaurea. They are first met by Daevas as they step inside the outer layer, aiding them to adapt to the lands conditions, but also seeking help on their matters.

They are scattered around Inggison and Gelkmaros, but centred on Sarpan. As Beritra invaded their lands, they were pushed to Katalam, and eventually, Cygnea and Enshar.

History Edit

Origin Edit

They are pre-cataclysmic survivors from Siel's Spear Legion. In the Millenium War, the legion was deployed on an extended expedition to map and explore the surface of Atreia. The Daevas of Siel's Spear were in the middle of a fight against the Balaur, when the Tower of Eternity was destroyed. The members of Siel's Spear drew their divine power directly from Lady Siel herself, so when Lady Siel gave all her life energy to bind the two halves of the shattered planet together the Daevas' were robbed of their divinity. Their wings and swords broke.

Defeated, they fled into darkness, hunted ruthlessly by the Balaur. Eventually they came across the Jotun and learned their secrets, but they never managed to escape the flightless lands they found themselves trapped in. They retain some traces of Siel's power, but they are no longer true immortals. Many humans and Daevas, as well as the members of Siel's Spear, were stranded in Balaurea after the Cataclysm.

Cut off from Atreia and outside the Aetheric Field, the Reians wandered their new home, hiding from the violent Balaur, until they arrived in Sarpan. Tiamat had farmed this area for Drana until it became barren, and no longer had any interest in it. For a while, the refugees lived there quietly, adopting Kamar as their stronghold, but they eventually incurred Tiamat's wrath, and were forced to abandon Kamar and go into hiding. 

A powerful mysterious figure named Kahrun, now the leader of the council of elders, emerged to claim leadership of the Reians. He taught them to use Drana to increase their power, and they took the fight back to the Balaur. In the end, the Reians not only reclaimed Kamar and built a splendid city, but they also drove the Balaur from Sarpan. They still worship Lady Siel, however if another Empyrean Lord orders them, they must obey. 

Elyos, Asmodians and Tiamat Edit

Their first contact with the modern Atreians was when they first set foot in Balaurea. Aiding them adapting to this harsh and toxic environment created a strong alliance between them. Reians took the chance to request their help with certain issues which menaced them in Gelkmaros and Inggison, such as the brainwashing Dragonbound and the problems surging inside Taloc. In exchange, Daevas would receive information on the situation, such as how to advance into Tiamaranta and aid on taking down the Dramatas and Drana farms.

As their relationship grew stronger, the preparations for the advance into the Balaur capital were being concluded. As powerful as their armies might seem, Daevas had to confront an indomitable foe; a Dragon Lord holding the true power of Lady Siel. Shadowed by doom and shame, Elyos and Asmodians nearly fell to her claws. For their luck, Reians distracted Tiamat just in time, aiding their allies on escaping the dreadful battlefield. Kahrun emerged for the first time before Daevas, and seeing the conflict between Elyos and Asmodians in their own ships, decided to put an end to it.

By Kahrun's words, they were not allowed to fight between them in his land, and provided it happened, they could face expulsion. They would work together, and focus on the true threat; which was Tiamat and her omnipotent relics. Seeing as there were no options, both sides reluctantly agree. Kahrun's Will was then put in place, only overshadowed by few incredibly strong presences in selected locations.

The Reian capital, Kamar, started to be frequented by Daevas, who would jump into eachother's throats if it was not because of the Reians. This tense situation not only affected the Atreians, but also the locals. Despite this emotional problem, the alliance proved to be success, as they were pushing Tiamat against a corner. They slowly fought their way into the Dragon Lord's own castle.

While success seemed imminent, their first advance into Tiamaranta's Eye did not go as well as they expected. Surprised by the lack of control by Kahrun's Will in there, it was not long after both battalions focused their force on eachother, while afterwards being ambushed by Balaur. Reians soon intervened. Disappointed and betrayed, they retreated. As Kahrun gained knowledge of this event, he felt angered and forbid the Daevas of taking part on the final assault on against the Dragon Lord. He is however later deceived so a small group of Atreians aids his advance.

After advancing through the Tiamat Stronghold and reaching her throne, Kahrun confronts Tiamat alone which results in him being sent back in time by her. As she turns her eyes on the Daevas, Kaisinel/Marchutan joins the battle, and together they take down the dragon. With Tiamat dead, Kahrun returns to his time, and all of a sudden, Israphel appears and steals the relics from Tiamat's corpse. The following events made Kahrun enrage. He took this as a trick from the Daevas to get hold of the relics. In response of this, he decides not to allow Elyos or Asmodians in Sarpan and that their alliance would remain undone. However, after receiving a missive from an Empyrean Lord, he decides to lift his prohibition, but refuses to ever work with Atreians again.

Kahrun's disappearance, first invasion Edit

With everyone's eyes on Katalam and another Dragon Lord, Kahrun makes the decision of temporally leaving his throne in Kamar in favour of conducting a search on Ide, a powerful resource which could turn the tide of war in anyone's favour. Along with a handful of his Reian bodyguards, he heads to Katalam and ventures into this dangerous land which is not covered by his Will. His squad is later assaulted, and fearing for their security, he then chooses to continue alone. Leaving behind only some traces, he goes missing ,leaving his faithful comrades in worry.

His disappearance from Sarpan eventually had an effect on his Will, still active in his home, being slowly weakened. Taking note of this, Beritra knew how valuable Reians were as allies for Deavas. Taking that away from them might slow their efforts, giving him more time to concrete his plan. Waiting for the perfect time to strike, he sent a Dredgion to invade Kamar. With the Will gone, he knew chaos would break loose in the capital. Meanwhile in Kamar, Garnon tries to prevent battles between the Elyos and Asmodians, who would only be negated by their captains. All of a sudden, the Varga legion would blast the city with cannons, troops, seizing any opposition. The once peaceful Reian capital now becomes a warzone.

With their capital in ruins, several survivors take shelter in Katalam for a while. While exposed to some considerable dangers, they soon establish and await for the dust to settle in Sarpan. With their home in ruins, their leader missing and a considerable amount of casualties, their morale trembles.

Daevas join the search for Kahrun. While they refuse to work together again, they do respect the Reians enough to not to engage battle in their settlement. Following the traces left by Kahrun, Daevas eventually find about his findings on Ide and the ancient weapons, the Hyperions. Having found the location of the last functional petralith, they encounter a fainted Kahrun few meters away from it. After a brief talk with Nezekan and Triniel, they remove their son from this dangerous place and aid him on his recovery.

Crimson skies, second invasion Edit

The battle in Kamar eventually dies down, and some Reians return to the capital to rebuild the city. Even though Kahrun has not returned to his tribe yet, he is no longer in danger, slowly recovering from his injuries in Levinshor. Beritra had lost his chance of using the ancient Hyperion on the war. This is a calm time for everyone.

The elder's location is kept secret except for certain Reians and Daevas. After finding him, Kahrun reveals he has been having strange hallucinations to the Atreian, showing masses of Balaur and gigantic black metal creatures. Further investigation reveals Beritra had used the Hyperion's technology to build powerful warmachines which he could deploy anywhere. Unfortunately for Reians, one of the points attacked was Kamar, along with Rancora Fortress in Tiamaranta, and Katalam.

The invasion was massive, destroying whole towns and temples, putting an end to millions of lives.Beritra's invasion had put everything built by Reians to waste. There was a moment of complete silence, which was followed by the ear-shattering roar of the explosions of the sealing stones holding the regions together. The earth shocked, revealing the sea of lava below. Survivors were few, and those were the ones who spectated the chaotic sinking of their land from the sky.

The ships eventually made it to the newly arose lands. Reians had to rebuild their bases in Cygnea and Enshar. Their numbers are few, and their tribe is separated between the two regions. They wish to aid the Daevas on finding about this new land and its secrets, as well as taking down the Dragon Lord responsible of their misery.

Characteristics Edit

In physical appearance, they are similar to ancient Atreians, like Elyos, except that Sarpan's deserts have tanned their skins. Their key feature is their pink and white wing, as each Reian only possesses one. Unlike Daevas, they are able to maintain them open indefinitely. Their clothing and architecture resemble south western cultures of Asia.

Due to their story full of struggle to succeed, they have developed a strong will and tight-knit relationships within their tribe. While they do not fully trust foreigners, they are able to show them kindness and give them aid if necessary. They have also grown a strong faith and admiration towards his leader, Kahrun.

Just as powerful as their kindness, their strictness shines. Provided a member of their tribe commits an act which goes against their morals or rules, they are punished accordingly. Their tales tell of former members of their tribe were exiled, leaving them to live on their own (such as the Reian Traitors have established in Tiamaranta) or perform considerably grindy tasks to make up for their mistakes.

Nonetheless, their biggest problem is war. Through their history, they have maintained a constant state of war against the Balaur, which through the years crippled their faith on the cause of the war. Even though soldiers and elders still stand strong, others have felt they have lost far too much and wish the war to end. As prime example, Merops, who wished to forge an alliance with the Balaur.

Role Edit

As the war wages between Elyos, Asmodians and Balaur, Reians act as a neutral side between Daevas, but fight fiercely against Balaur. They consider them a much greater threat, and prioritise their defeat over the quarrel between the other factions. They work alongside them in favour of their objective.

At first, in 2.0, they simply served as quest giver NPCs who offered information on the current situation or required help. However, with the introduction of 3.0, they gained a much more relevant role as Daevas find Tiamat to be too powerful for them, and are therefore forced to retire from battle with the Reian help.

As both factions recover from their shameful defeat, they are accepted in the Reian capital, Kamar, as long as they agree not to engage fights between them and focus on the Balaur. During this time, Reians act as different type of NPC, between guards, to merchants; mainly as an ally to both factions. Their powerful sorcerers eventually find their way inside Tiamat's throne, eventually leading to the Dragon Lord's defeat by the hands of Daevas.

Months after Tiamat's defeat, when the 4.0 events take place, Kahrun goes missing, breaking the Elyos-Asmodian alliance (and intentions to live in harmony), which gives Beritra a chance to strike. While everyone focuses on finding Kahrun, Reians are weakened by the loss of their leader. As of 4.8, they must flee from their homes to escape Beritra's ultimate destructive wave, forcing them to take shelter on the new lands which arose from the sea. With their leader still missing and the tribe divided between Cygnea and Enshar, their situation is dire, but are slowly rebuilding.

Important Reians Edit

  • Kahrun: Head of the Reian tribe, empowered son of two Empyrean Lords; Triniel and Nezekan.
  • Garnon: Young intermediary between Elyos and Asmodians.
  • Ekios: One of the elders leading the tribe, father of Garnon.
  • Rafael: One of the elders leading the tribe, in charge of Siel's Spear legion.
  • Kutos: Brigade General of Kahrun's Guard.
  • Adella: Commander of the Tiamaranta Expedition, guiding the infiltration into Tiamaranta's Eye.
  • Ariana: Captain in charge of recovering Rentus Base, also aiding on the Tiamat Stronghold assault.
  • Sorus: Second-in-command of the Rentus Base recovery, also aiding on the Tiamat Stronghold assault.
  • Merops: Warden of Rentus Base, seeing a chance for his tribe to live in peace with the Balaur he betrayed his comrades.

Trivia Edit

  • Reians are a unique type of NPCs; friendly to both factions, much like Shugos.
  • While their numbers are far lower than the ones of the other factions, they are the strongest allies they have.
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