Order: The Mystic Springs that Lady Yustiel created have all dried out. Go to Gaia to receive instructions on how to help.

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After getting the quest, talk to Gaia. Go to the Spring of Laquepin and talk to Ophelos. Kill <Wasteland Drakes> to get a <Life Bead>. Interact with the Laquepin Life Stone, then talk to Ophelos who teleports you to Castor. Talk to him, then Corybantes who teleports you to Heratos. Take the Life Bead back to the Golden Bough Garrison to a fountain on the east side and use the Desert Life Stone. Return to Heratos, who will teleport you to Sirink at Eracus Temple Entrance. Take the Life Stone she gives you and use the Temple Life Stone. Return to Eltnen Fortress and talk to Gaia to collect the reward.

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"The biggest threat facing Eltnen is the desert itself. It's consuming Eltnen acre by acre, and we're powerless to stop it.
Once these lands were fertile, but now...many have fled. Only the stubborn and the hardy remain...and me, I suppose.
How things have changed since Lady Yustiel of the Seraphim created the Mystic Springs..."
1 "The Mystic Springs?"
"Lady Yustiel created the Mystic Springs so that life could flourish even in Eltnen's arid regions. But since Aether is draining out of the world, the desert is expanding and many Mystic Springs have dried up. Curse the Cataclysm!
We Daevas of Earth are supposed to manage the Mystic Springs, but there aren't enough of us to stand against the desert itself.
To restore the dried-up Mystic Springs, we need help...your help, [Player Name]."
1 "What can I do?"
"Ophelos at the Drake Habitat says he has a theory about the Mystic Springs. He's been trying for months to figure out how they work.
Work with him to restore the Mystic Spring of Laquepin. If you pass the Manduri Forest and the Outpost Ruins, you will see the Spring.
If Ophelos is right, we may be able to employ his technique across Eltnen. Now go, and may the sun warm the earth at your feet."
1 "May the light guide you as well."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Gaia said that she would send someone to help us...but I had no idea it'd be you, [Player Name]. Your reputation precedes you.
The trick to restoring the Mystic Springs is to understand how they work in the first place. There's a Life Stone at Laquepin Mystic Spring, and that's where the clean water flows from.
The Life Stone contains Aether, the source of its power, but the Drakes came and took the Life Beads. No beads, no water--it's that simple."
1 "Why would they do that?"
"I'm not sure why--they're just animals, after all.
But the remedy is clear: Go to the Drake Habitat, get rid of Wasteland Drakes and Wasteland Drakies, and bring their Life Beads.
Then, put the beads in the Laquepin Life Stone over there. If I'm right, clean water will flow from the Mystic Spring once more."
1 "Faith and arms!"
Ophelos (after putting Life Bead into the Laquepin Life Stone)
"Thank you so much. Thanks to you, water flows once more from the Mystic Spring of Laquepin.
Now that we know the problem, we can watch the Life Beads more carefully.
The future farmers of Eltnen thank you, [Player Name]."
1 "Glad I could help." (teleports to Golden Bough Garrison)
"But this isn't the only Mystic Spring that's dried up. We need to spread the word.
I got a message from the Golden Bough Legion a while ago. It said that the Mystic Spring near there just suddenly dried up.
Meet Golden Bough Brigade General Castor and tell him what we've learned."
1 "Faith and arms!""
"What brings you here today? Need help from the Golden Bough Legion?
That's why we're here, after all."
1 "Ophelos has a theory..."
"The Mystic Springs...ah! The incident that Corybantes reported.
He was on duty in the watchtower and saw the Mystic Spring dry up over the course of just a few days. I contacted the Daevas of Earth about it, but we have other issues to deal with.
I know only what I put in my report, so talk to Corybantes, and he can point you in the right direction."
1 "Faith and arms!"
"You're here about the Mystic Spring?
Sorry I didn't check it out myself, but <Tellarius> hates it when we leave our posts."
1 "Understood."
"The Mystic Spring is that little dip off in the distance. Normally you can see the sun shining off the water in it.
Even from here, it was obvious that something was going on. To get there, just follow the road to the right of the watchtower, then go straight ahead and you'll reach the Spring.
I think the Daeva assigned there is named Heratos.'
1 "Faith and arms!" (teleports to Heratos)
"Thank Lady Yustiel you're here! I was starting to think no one would send help!
A few days ago, Lepharist Revolutionaries suddenly appeared and attacked the Mystic Spring. They slaughtered everyone--Human or beast--that was drinking from its waters.
As the only Daeva here, I was able to use the Obelisk after they overwhelmed me. But they attacked so suddenly, there was no time to send a runner to get help from the Golden Bough Legion."
1 "There's a Life Bead that powers..."
"Don't worry about the Life Bead--I recovered that. But the Life Stone itself is completely gone!
The Lepharists must have dismantled it completely. Without it, the Life Bead won't work and it's impossible to restore the Mystic Spring."
1 "What can we do?"
"About this spring? Nothing, I'm afraid. However, there is one more Mystic Spring at a place bordering the Eastern Eracus Desert, right below the Golden Bough Garrison.
The Lepharist Revolutionaries destroyed that Mystic Spring as well, but the Desert Life Stone is still intact.
Combine the Life Bead from this spring with the fountain from that spring, and you might be able to restore the water's flow. But there's one problem..."
1 "There's always something, eh?"
"This Life Bead will quickly lose its potency if it isn't in proximity to a fountain--intact or not. I figure you've got only three minutes to reach the other spring. Three minutes!
When you reach the Mystic Spring near the Eastern Eracus Desert, put this Bead into the Desert Life Stone.
Hurry! Go!"
1 "Light quicken my step!"

Failed Timer Edit

"You didn't make it. I knew it would be difficult, but hope springs eternal, eh?
We have to restore that Mystic Spring or the desert will consume all of Eltnen.
Here's another Life Bead. Try again...take this Bead to the Desert Life Stone.
Three minutes...go!"
1 "Faith and arms!"

Time left on Timer Edit

"No, no...don't talk! Run!
Put the Life Bead into the Life Stone within three minutes!
The clock is ticking. Go to the Mystic Spring right now!"
X "Faith and arms!"

Successful Timer Edit

Heratos (after successfully inserting Life Bead)
"You saved the Mystic Spring. The light shines on us today, that's for sure.
I think I've figured out a way to keep the Life Beads intact no matter where they are, which means we can use the Life Beads from here to restore the other Mystic Springs.
I know the spring near Kyola Temple has also dried out, so put this Life Bead into the Temple Life Stone there. The Daeva there is Sirinks--don't hesitate to ask for help. I can even teleport you there to save you the trip."
1 "Yes, please do!" (teleports to Sirink)
"If you're here, then Heratos must have received my message. I was wondering what to do if I didn't hear from him.
I long to see the water flow again. Use the Life Bead to restore the Mystic Spring."
1 "As you wish."
Sirink (after inserting the Life Bead)
"Yustiel's blessings! The Mystic Spring is restored, thanks to you.
And now that it's restored, all of Eltnen can return to some semblance of balance between desert and fertile land--at least for a while."
1 "Light be praised!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You restored the Mystic Spring, I'm told.
Ophelos reported that the Mystic Spring of Laquepin is once again flowing.
What happened to the other Springs?"
1 "The Lepharists dismantled one, but..."
"The Lepharists' actions are troubling, but the larger point is that you restored three Mystic Springs.
Outstanding, [Player Name]! This is a token of my gratitude.
Of course, the real record of your achievement is a fertile, productive Eltnen. That's more potent than any weapon."

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Gaia said that the Mystic Springs that Seraphim Lady Yustiel installed have dried out. You went to Ophelos, heard the details, and restored the Mystic Springs.

Ophelos instructed you to restore the Mystic Spring of Laquepin, and other Daevas of Life asked you to restore the Mystic Spring in the Eastern Eracus Desert and the one in front of the Kyola Temple.

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