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Dead bodies of grave robbers litter the open space before the Stone Gate. Search them to find a Rotan toy.

Quest Information[]


  • Obtain the Rotan toy from a dead grave robber's body.

Basic Reward[]


Interact with the Grave Robber's Corpse.



Grave Robber's Corpse
(You see several dead bodies in the otherwise empty space.)
X.png "Wonder what happened here?"

Reward Dialogue[]

Grave Robber's Corpse
(Judging from their gear, these are grave robbers who came to loot treasure from the Temple Vault.)
(The better-dressed one must be the head of the grave robbers.)
(Upon closer inspection, you note a leather bag in his hand. He must have cherished this item greatly.)
1.png "Let's see what's inside...."
(Inside the bag is a journal and a small toy that looks like a metal wheel.)
(The journal contains a list of famous Atreian treasures and their locations. Some of the items have an X beside them.)
(One such X is beside the words "Silver Blade Rotan." The small wheel-like toy must be this item. You take the Rotan toy out of the grave robber's bag and put it in your cube.)


Several dead bodies were scattered in the passage to the Temple Vault. You obtained a toy that can summon Rotan from the body of the grave robber leader.

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