Order: Meet Gulkalla and help him reconstruct Impetusium.

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Once you have talked with Gulkalla on the platform in the center, he will have you kill 3 spirits. After they are dead and you return to Gulkalla. A cutscene will show you where the three tokens are located. <Umkata's Bones> are easy to obtain during Tango campaign quest icon <Keeping the Black Claw Tribe in Check> [19]. <Umkata's Earrings> is on the north side of Impetusium on a ledge in a <Umkata's Jewel Box>. <Umkata's Weapon> has a 70% chance to drop from <Cyclone Spirits> and <Bladestorm Spirits>. Once you have obtained all three pieces you will need to locate Umkata's Grave to the southeast of Impetusium. Once you have summoned and killed him you will need to return to Gulkalla for your reward.

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"I hope you're here to help us reconstruct Impetusium.
We're right next to Black Claw Outpost, so a rebuilt Impetusium would give us strategic dominance over the Mau and over southern Altgard.
But look around you--rebuilding these ruins is an overwhelming task. So let's put you to work, [Player Class]."
1 "What are my orders?"
"There are a million tasks to be done. But my biggest problem right now is the Hero Spirits.
Something awakened them a few weeks ago and they rose out of the ground to attack our workers. As they draw near, you can sometimes hear them whisper about battling the Mau.
Because the Mau wiped them out, the Ancient Heroes are out for revenge--and they don't realize that we aren't Mau."
1 "Must I fight the spirits?"
"Sadly, yes--we need the spirits disrupted so reconstruction work can resume. We're behind schedule as it is, and <Commander SuthranSuthran> is not known for his patience.
You cannot permanently destroy the Hero Spirits, but you can force them to dissipate for a while--and that buys us time. And time is something we desperately need."
1 "Then you'll have it."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You got rid of the Hero Spirits?
Excellent. Now we have only a million-minus-one tasks to complete...until the spirits reconstitute themselves, that is. Then we're back where we started.
But we can actually make progress if we can appease the Ancient Heroes. And to do that, we must make it impossible for the Mau to summon the heroes' most hated foe: Umkata.
1 "I'm listening."
"I sent a message to the Fortress, and <Centurion MornMorn> came up with a plan.
The Mau chieftain, <Chieftain Kumbaron>, was notorious for his ferocity and bravery. The present-day Mau revere him and could theoretically summon Umkata's ghost.
The Ancient Heroes died at Umkata's claws, so they're determined to prevent that. But if we--or you, to be precise--summon Umkata's ghost and destroy it while it's still weak, then the Ancient Heroes might rest in peace."
1 "Is that a permanent solution?"
"The Ancient Heroes are locked into a cycle of destiny with Umkata--while they're determined to stop the Mau, they can't actually destroy him because that would break the cycle.
But you stand outside the cycle--you can destroy Umkata's ghost forever.
To summon Umkata, you have to make an offering of Umkata's Three Tokens at Umkata's Grave. Morn and I figured out what the three objects are: the bones of Umkata, his weapon, and his ceremonial earrings. Gather Umkata's Three Tokens, awaken Umkata, and get rid of him forever."
1 "Where are the objects?"
"We're fairly sure one of the <Brutal Black Claw Bodyguards> in the Black Claw Village must have Umkata's Bones.
Umkata's Jewel Box--with his earrings inside--is on a ledge somewhere north of Impetusium. It's guarded by ghosts, so be careful.
We're also told that either Cyclone Spirits or Bladestorm Spirits stole Umkata's Weapon from the Mau, which is why they haven't summoned Umkata themselves.
When you have all three, go to the shore south of Impetusium and find Umkata's Grave. If you offer Umkata's Three Tokens at his grave, he will awaken. That's the moment to strike."
1 "On my way!"
Umkata's Grave

Failed Item Check Edit

(The hum continues. Nothing happens.)
(Try offering all three at once.)
X "By these three, Umkata, I summon thee!"

Successful Item Check Edit

(The tombstone emits a low, throbbing hum.)
(To summon Umkata, place the three objects in front of the tombstone.)
X "Umkata, I summon thee!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back! That means Umkata's spirit is no more, eh?
Tell me what happened."
1 "I made the offering, and then..."
"Well done, [Player Name]. The Ancient Heroes should return to the Aether, and then I can start hiring workers again.
Best of all, I get to report success to Commander Suthran. Soon we'll be back on schedule!
Here's a gift. It's my way of saying thanks for making this enormous reconstruction...well, a little less enormous, at any rate."

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Gulkalla's mission is to reconstruct Impetusium, but most of his laborers fled after spirits of the Ancient Heroes attacked them. You disrupted the spirits for Gulkalla, who figured out why the spirits rose from the dead and how to send them back to the Aether.

As Gulkalla requested, you obtained the items used to summon the ghost of the ancient Mau chieftain Umkata. You destroyed Umkata's spirit so the Ancient Heroes could rest in peace.

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  • The weapon and earring are obtainable by yourself but you might need a group to get the bones.

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