You need to get the approval from all four Class Preceptors to be a member of the Fenris's Fangs. Visit Freyer, Sif, Sigyn, and Traufnir to gather signatures, then ask High Priest Balder for a purification ritual.

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  • Xp 2,921,400 XP

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Talk to each of the four Class Trainers in the Capitol Building. Once Traufnir signs the letter, he seals it and gives the player the <Sealed Fenris's Fang Recommendation Letter> to return to Kvasir. Give Kvasir the letter then go and buy the Pure Holy Water from <Olda> or <Gerad>, and take it to Balder. Return to Kvasir to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Congratulations on passing the Ceremony of the Wise. You're the first Daeva who's passed in years.
I have to admit I'm impressed. I think you've got what it takes to join the Fangs, kid"
1 "You mean...Fenris's Fangs?"
"That's what I meant. We'd have to put you through the full test, but I think you'll do fine.
What do you say? Ready to step up to the big leagues?"

Accept Edit

"The first part of the test is just bureaucratic rigmarole--you have to get approval from all four Class Trainers.
Take this recommendation and get signatures from Freyr, Sif, Sygyn, and Traufnir. I can't imagine they'll say no.
Once you're finished with that, go get some holy water and have Balder purify you. You'll find we take purity seriously in the Fangs."
1 "Yes sir!"

Decline Edit

"You're turning down the Fangs? I knew you were audacious, but this..."
X "I serve no master."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"What brings you here to me today?"
1 "I want to join Fenris's Fangs."
"You'd be the first new member in a long time. I can't possibly deny you the honor.
Take this with my blessings. May Marchutan guide your fate."
1 "Thank you."
"Have you come about joining Fenris's Fangs? Don't be so surprised. Everybody expected it after you passed the Ceremony of the Wise."
1 "Really?"
"You're going to walk a difficult path. May Lumiel give you the wisdom you'll need to defeat our enemies."
1 "Thank you."
"Yes, [Player Class]? Come to walk the path of death?"
1 "I want to join Fenris's Fangs."
"That was what I meant, yes. Bring death to our enemies.
But if you disgrace the Fangs, I'll bring death to you myself."
1 "Um...thank you."
"Hail, [Player Name]. Aion's shadow protects us on this day.
I can see there is business you would bring before me."
1 "I want to join Fenris's Fangs."
"You will be joining the highest military force in all Asmodae. You must shape yourself into the personal weapon of the Shedim Lords.
Strike down our enemies with holy wrath. Blood for Blood."
1 "Blood for blood."
"Peace of darkness be upon you. I have heard that, at long last, you are ready to receive the ultimate honor."
1 "I came for purification."
Without the Pure Holy Water
"You've forgotten to bring the water? Simple Pure Holy Water will do."
X "I'll be right back."
"Yes, I see you bear the letter of recommendation. Give me the Holy Water and we'll cleanse your soul so you'll be worthy to bask in the glory of the Shedim Lords."
1 "I'm ready to begin."
X "There's something I must do first."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I can feel the purity of your soul. Good.
Show me the letter and we can proceed with the tests."
1 "Here."
"Excellent work. Here is the first piece of armor from your uniform."

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Captain Kvasir said that since you passed the Ceremony of the Wise you were a candidate to join Fenris' Fangs. First, you had to get the approval of all four Class Preceptors, then get High Priest Balder to purify you.

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