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Reaper of Adma Castle

Reaper of Adma Castle is an undead overlord inhabiting Adma's Fall. It is the final boss of the instance. He was originally an undead whose power was boosted by a Tower fragment. As his abilities strengthened, his mind was corrupted and only wishes for more.

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The boss will enrage if not killed within 5 minutes. Throughout the fight, it is important to remain at a close distance from each other. Normal attacks include Macro type 1 <Dark Arrow> and Spiralarrow (NPC) <Dark Strike> (both single target attacks). Special abilities include Dark Order: Confusion (all-room-wide AoE which will force players to scatter around the room), Shadow Order: Curse (putting a debuff on a target which will gradually drain MP from it) and Macro type 1 <Dark Command> (a strong attack that distributes damage among targets).

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Bobonerk's Agency

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