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Ravenna is a Clothing importer in Marchutan Priory.

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Dialogue Edit

"Don't let anyone tell you that my products are a waste of your <Crucible Insignias>.
The right look can generate a lot of morale, respect...fear. And if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you fight good...uh, well.
These fashions are sure to make your enemies cower and your allies confident. You really should try them out."
Buy Exchange Crucible Insignias

Goods Offered Edit

22px Banded Party Outfit (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Colorblock Citywear (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Embellished Casuals (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Gloved and Glamorous (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Island Paradise Outfit (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
Long Sleeved Seduction <Long Sleeved Seduction> 5555 4,020 Crucible Insignia icon
22px One-shoulder Special (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Red Vine Wrapper (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon
22px Sheer Envy Outfit (Asmodian) Unknown Kinah icon

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