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Rangidax visited Pandaemonium Plaza to organize Solorius. He looks a little tired from all his efforts.

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"Now's the time to pull all your festive red clothes out of storage. I mean, it'll look a bit odd to wear them after Solorius is over, wouldn't it?
...You are planning to join the Solorius festivities, aren't you? I mean, what kind of Daeva doesn't need a break in the midst of all this winter glumness?"
X "You could be right."
With quests
"Red, red, red! That's the color of Solorius! That's why they always sniff me out to help with the festivities.
Get it, Daeva? Sniff?"

Notes Edit

  • This NPC was only in Pandaemonium during the Solorius Event in 2010.
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