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Raksang Ruins, also known as MantorKr/EU, was a solo instance for players of level 60 and above. It was a remastered version of the Raksang instance that was originally added with the 3.0 update, a level 57+ group instance located in Satrakand in Sarpan that players could run for Kahrun&#039;s Symbol <Kahrun's Symbols>.

The instance underwent several changes after the Upheaval (4.8 update), transforming it into its current version. The entrance was also relocated to the Twilight Temple in Cygnea (Elyos) and Bonecreak Valley in Enshar (Asmodians). In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Background Edit

Long ago, the dragon Raksha gathered its followers and challenged Tiamat. They could not defeat the great Dragon Lord. As a result, Tiamat cast the rebels into a deep pit and sealed them in, posting trusted guards of the Chantra Legion to keep a vigilant eye on the inmates.

Years passed, and the Reian-Daeva forces surged as a threat. Tiamat decided to counter them by resurrecting the sealed Raksha and unleash him upon her enemies. The Reians dispatched scouts to locate Raksha's prison. They followed some Balaur guards, and discovered the entrance to the prison. With the prison located, the Reians asked for help from both the Elyos and the Asmodians, in order to stop this mighty dragon's resurrection.

Time passed after Raksha's menace was prevented. Upon Beritra's invasion, part of the tunnels in the dungeon collapsed, yet some prison inmates were able to survive. However, they are not alone, as Beritra has sent investigation units in order to claim it as an operation base and a training center for an army of undead monsters. Although Raksha is no more, Daevas must still return to Raksang once again to put a stop to this new threat.

Walkthrough Edit

Raksang Edit

Raksang map

Raksang Ruins map

Group instance; most mobs are elite grade, level 57 and 58. This instance features two versions: Easy Mode, which requires two key named bosses killed (Illusionmaster Sharik and The Flamelord), which have the chance to drop fabled items, while if ignored, players will confront the final boss in Hard Mode.

Once players are inside, they meet one of Tiamat's underlings, Vasuki Lifespark, who took control of a Reian sorcerer to make his way into Raksang. Vasuki will freeze group members as they approach and disappear. Players must disable the Magic Barrier blocking out the inner parts of the prison. Once the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Generators are down, they may proceed further and face the guard; Gatekeeper Melkennis along with his pets Kerop Lifesnatch and Kerop Deathguard. He will start with a shield on himself, making him invulnerable to all attacks. As it can only be removed if his pets are disposed of, it is imperative to focus them as the encounter begins.

Once the guard falls, the gate behind him will open up, revealing Vasuki advancing further into the prison. Members may now enter Raksang Depths, a large vertical corridor which functions as a hallway to access the different sections of Raksang. Depending on the path players opt to take, special monsters will be faced by the group. As a flyable area, players should watch out for flying monsters.

If players wish to trigger Easy Mode, players must fly to the platform with the red circular seal to access and enter through the gate to Terror's Vault. After making their way through the Balaur ghosts and reach the Reflecting Chamber. Once there, players will face Illusionmaster Sharik. He has a series of abilities, however players should watch out for a deadly set. He will cast a reflective shield on himself and start casting an attack which will deal colossal damage to everyone inside the room. It can be avoided provided players place themselves behind the mirror on the room. If the shield is destroyed, Sharik will automatically teleport to the annex room. He will additionally summon healing servants which must be removed to lengthen to fight.

The backdoor will open up as Sharik falls, where players will meet Vasuki again, who will vanish. The small hallway will lead to a door back to Raksang Depths. To continue with Easy Mode, players must face the second additional boss. They must fly down to the platform with the blue circular seal with the door leading to Torment's Forge. This set of stretch corridors, guarded by several inmates will lead to Torment Chamber, where players will face The Flamelord. His most notable abilities include lighting up the floor in fire, as well as lay fire damage dealing debuffs on opponents. Once The Flamelord is disposed of, the door leading back to Raksang Depths will open up, where players will meet Vasuki once again.

The third optional boss is Paruam Sealguard, who will appear in the bottom of Raksang Depths when all Informer Ashulagens are disposed of. His skills include a variety of flight time draining attacks, paralysing and stunning skills, as well as strong single target attacks.

After having reached the bottom, players may proceed into Hellpath by using the designated gate. As they venture inside the prison, they will eventually meet an inmate, Hellpath Guardian Fireye, blocking further progress. The last portion of this section tends to be trained through by most groups to save up time. By passing through the gate on the end, players will access the last and ultimate chamber of the prison; Raksha's Crypt.

As soon as they step in, group members will meet Vasuki Lifespark one last time before fighting him. He does not pose a big threat for groups. When he is defeated, three Gargoyles will appear from the walls, which act as the final guards of the prison. After they have been disposed of, the walls will open up, freeing Raksha, for an epic battle with the Daevas.

Raksha, the final boss, may spawn as two different versions depending on the bosses which were killed. In Normal Mode he will spawn as himself, Raksha, weaker. In Hard Mode, he will appear as Raksha Boilheart, much stronger and resilient. Both version do not vary much other of his stats.

This strong dragon possesses a series of frontal cone attacks, making it important to turn the boss away from the rest of the group. Additionally, members should try to avoid the flames which spawn around as the added damage may put pressure on the healer. His key and unique skill is to spawn Earth Spikes around him, detonating them few seconds after being spawned. This skill causes a considerable amount of damage and stuns targets affected. Like the flames' case, they can be avoided if the players move out before they explode. In addition to this peculiar attack, he will force the ground around him to destabilise and make it launch to the air, dealing another good amount of damage. If players are able to overcome these frequently casted attacks, the instance will end, and an Abyss Gate leading outside will spawn.

Raksang Ruins Edit

Turned into a solo instance; most mobs are common grade, level 62 and 63. Upon entering, the player will receive x20 22px Improved Life Drain Bombs, which when used cause AoE damage and restore part of the user's HP. The player is then randomly teleported to one of the three paths available in the Terror's Vault, Torment's Forge and Hellpath, where the player must reach and defeat an Inspector which varies depending on the path, between a Balaur Assassin, Mage and Warrior.

If the player gets teleported to the Terror's Vault, to progress, he will need to kill the Balaur soldiers through the narrow hallways. Before entering the Reflecting Chamber, several trained Ghosts, Porguses and Worgs will spawn as waves. Once defeated, proceed forward. However, the player may alternatively be teleported to the Torment's Forge, where he will have to spawn undead through graves to unlock the path to Torment's Chamber. Another possibility is being transported to Hellpath, where the player must battle through crumbling bridges where he will fight several waves of the same trained monsters until reaching the Inspector.

All paths meet up in the end, Raksang Depths, where the final boss, Reviver Nasto, is hidden. As a powerful mage, he will often cast Vengeful Spirit's Scream (which induces a Fear state) and strong magical attacks. His drops include Ancient Coins and fabled grade armour.

Quests Edit

Prizes Edit

Raksang Ruins
  • Nasto Legionnaire's fabled armor
  • Nasto's fabled weapons
  • Nasto's eternal accessories

Trivia Edit

  • The instance was originally introduced with 3.0, but was completely remastered in 4.8.
  • In the group version, players would be able to gather three key pieces along the path to the final boss to open a treasure box with Fabled head items. The key pieces must all be obtained by one player as they cannot be traded.
  • In the group version, players would be able to acquire a questline to raise their own Balaur brood, although it did not award a pet.
  • After having completed all quests related to this instance, users would be able to have a future-reading session with an NPC inside.
  • At the start of 3.0, Raksha was considered a fearsome boss due to his admirable force. However, in later updates, his difficulty was decreased so much he was eventually considered one of the weakest boss fights.

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Aion 4

Aion 4.0 Raksang Full

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