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  • Pernon
  • Oriel
  • Reshanta
  • Silentera Canyon
  • Levinshor
  • Kaldor
  • Lakrum
  • Demaha

A quest is a task given by an NPC or interactive object to a player. Quests can be viewed from the quest log (default hotkey: J).

Quest Givers[]

NPCs offering a quest will have an indicator over their heads (resembles an arrowhead). The quest indicator will be highlighted when you are able to obtain the quest. A new highlighted symbol will be in place of the "arrowhead" when you have completed the quest and can turn in for the reward. Some NPCs will have gray quest indicators over their heads. These indicate that there is a quest that will be available at a later time when certain requirements are met to open up the quest.

Other quests are automatically acquired when the player enters an area for the first time or without the said quests.

Quest Icons[]

Quest Icons.gif

Quest Types[]

There are two main categories of quests in Aion:

  • Standard quests - Generally limited to one specific region. These quests are only given in a certain area while adventuring throughout Aion and they will complement the main story line.
  • Campaign quests - These quests are the main method of furthering the storyline. They usually contain scripted scenes and events. Campaign quests must be completed to advance the storyline.
  • Key quests - They introduce the player to new features/instances and guide the player on where to level up.
  • Event quests - Special quests only available during events or features used to reward the player further.
  • Legion Tasks - Repeatable quests required to level a legion up. Can be picked up from Legion window (default hotkey: Shift + J).

Quest Variations[]

Most standard quest tasks take one of the following forms with a variety of quest objectives:


Introduced in 4.7, certain quests can be turned in through Bounty. This feature allows the player to turn them in instantly. The player may still visit the finishing NPC instead. This can be done by selecting the completed quest in the Journal and clicking the "Bounty" button. If the quest has optional rewards, the player may select them from there.