Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab (Kubrinerk's Cube LaboratoryKR/EU) is a solo instance for players of level 80 and above, accessible from Lakrum. Introduced in 6.2, it is the prime source of Cubicles.

Access Edit

The laboratory only becomes accessible for a few minutes after either the Elyos or Asmodians capture an outpost in Lakrum. The chance is random. When the entrance appears, within seconds of flipping the outposts, everyone in the region will be alerted of its appearance. Its location will also marked on the map.

Outside the outpost, the Cubic Lab Gatekeeper will spawn, allowing only up to 24 people to enter the instance at a time. After the limit is reached, the NPC disappears, and a pop up will inform everyone in Lakrum of it. The 24-people limit only applies to the respective camp that time. In other words, flipping the same camp again later or flipping any other outpost will allow another 24 people to access the instance (regardless of being the same players).

If quick enough, one may fit two runs in one setting. In this case, usual rules to solo instance entries apply. A dialogue will appear asking whether the player wishes to access the previous entry or open a new one.

Walkthrough Edit

While inside this map, the player will be unable to use their own skills, transformed as a Qubrinerk Mercenary. Unlike other special instances where the player receives transformation skills, they will also have a preset Movement Speed and Attack Speed. As such, if lacking post-6.0 gear with such attributes, there is no need to switch to older gear.

Skills available include:

Based on the time left upon killing the final boss, Madrukin, the player will be assigned a rank, moderately affecting the instance's rewards. Ending the instance before the 51 minutes left mark will give an S Rank, while 48 minutes left will give an A Rank. Anything below that will give a B Rank, with considerably less rewards. The difficulty in general is extremely low, only requiring minimal knowledge of how to deal with the bosses and the elements that block the way.

Collapsed Lab Entrance Edit

This is the preparation area before the timer begins. By interacting with the detonating explosive trigger, the boulders blocking the way will disappear and the countdown will begin, giving the player one hour (even though a run will take not more than 15 minutes).

Qubrinerk Preparing for Combat can be found here, offering a repeatable daily quest if the player has completed the appropriate pre-quest for it.

Outside of the Lab Edit

Upon starting, this area will open up and reveal several small groups of Shulacks blocking the way. The other Qubrinerk Mercenaries will join the offence as well, who cannot die and will push on regardless of the player's actions. Despite that, in order to get a better rank, the player must do its part. The best strategy here is to aggro as many mobs as possible and make them shift their attention towards the mercenaries (getting them near the Mercenaries will do it).

Each group is composed of a couple of Masked Shulack Hunters, Masked Shulack Mechanics, a Shulack Pilot and a Masked Shulack Supervisor. Unlike others, the Masked Shulack Supervisor will stay on the player no matter what once aggroed. While her only attack does little damage by itself, it is used quite often, meaning the player's HP will be drained little by little if ignored. An option would be to use Mercenary's Strike on her, or avoid its attack by moving away from her. Never waste Mercenary's Strike on Shulack Pilots or other lesser mobs.

As training mobs to the mercenaries is the best option, players can do it by just rushing forward through the horde of Shulacks. Once the middle of the bridge is reached, the player will find two named mobs; Tarukiki and Norakiki. <Struggling Dorunerk> may also be among them. Hitting either of them with Mercenary's Strike will aggro all the necessary mobs nearby. Once done, move back to the mercenaries at the start. However, because of a player's faster movement speed, they will outrun mobs with ease, causing them to reset if too far away. This can be avoided by waiting for them to catch up. By the time they reach you again, your HP will be low, making it the best time to make use of Mercenary's Recovery and finish training them to the mercenaries.

Once all mobs are focused on the mercenaries, it is best to focus on Tarukiki or Norakiki by using Mercenary's Strike on them. In between cooldowns, use Mercenary Pattern Engraving five times and follow it with Mercenary Pattern Explosion. These two bosses will however constantly do a heavy hitting AoE attack, and dying once or twice is to be expected. Despite that, its preferable to die and recover full HP instead of instead of wasting time avoiding death. Regardless, certain mobs will leave behind Refined Aetheric Water of Life, which will recover your HP by a small amount. Once both bosses are dead, save up Mercenary's Strike for later, and finish off any remaining mobs.

With everyone out of the way, the mercenaries will push forward. The way will be blocked off by the Cubic Lab Door, the only way to open it being destroying it, which is what the Madrukin's Cannon in the middle is for. Killing the Madrukin's Demolisher next to it will activate the cannon and start shooting at the door dwindling its HP bar. The problem comes from the two Madrukin's Turret on the sides, who will shift their attention to the cannon and start shooting at it as well. The turrets will take out the cannon before the door is destroyed, if left ignored. And because of the Cubic Lab Door rather high HP pool, much time will be wasted on taking it down alone. Therefore, the best strategy here is to DPS the gate along with the Madrukin's Cannon so it goes down before the Madrukin's Turret take down the cannon. Make sure to use Mercenary's Strike on the door early on on the door, and only once, and ignore every other mob.

With the Cubic Lab Door down, both Madrukin's Turret will despawn and the way into the Captured Cubic Lab will be open.

Captured Cubic Lab Edit

The first mob in this section is a Cobalt Watcher. Using Mercenary's Strike on it instantly is important, as leaving it alive for too long will make it trigger an alarm and spawn additional mobs, delaying the advance. With it out of the way, the player must jump as soon as possible on the boss in the middle of the room; Mechanikin. After its defeat, Madrukin himself will appear.

A particularly annoying feature in this room is that through both boss fights, either a Parakin's Mechanical Bomb or a Norakin's Mechanical Bomb will spawn and endlessly follow the player around. Every few seconds, they will detonate and rearm themselves, leaving you stunned for a second, preventing you from moving around, or interrupting attacks. The intended way is to remove by interacting with the corresponding device in the room depending on what bomb is currently present, despawning them temporarily. Parakin's Control Device for Parakin's Mechanical Bomb and Norakin's Control Device for Norakin's Mechanical Bomb. This however takes time and mobs can interrupt the interaction with the devices. As such, it is best to just ignore them and tank the stun.

Mechanikin will have a very simple set of skills; Cbt Pulled <Capture> (pulling targets towards it) and Electric Bombardment (a simple AoE attack). Mecha Bruisers and Mecha Snipers will sporadically spawn. Killing them should not be a concern, but they will leave behind Refined Aetheric Water of Life, healing you by small bits. Here its best to use Mercenary's Strike on Madrukin whenever available, and the Mercenary Pattern Engraving and Mercenary Pattern Explosion combo in between, as it will take care of the adds. If too low on HP, remember to use Mercenary's Recovery.

Madrukin will then show up. Compared to the previous, he will have higher HP and a wider range of skills; Cbt Pulled <Capture> and Electric Bombardment, as well as Electric Slash (a short range stun) and, after 50% HP, Activate Bomb (creating circles on the group which will detonate, inflicting heavy damage). Mecha Bruisers and Mecha Snipers will spawn faster, making it easier to balance your own HP.

As Madrukin dies, Happy Qubrinerk will spawn and the instance will end. Three cubes will spawn in the middle (Aggressor's Cube, Defender's Cube and Survivalist's Cube), which can be opened to pick up Cubicles from them. The exit will be present on the corner of the room.

Rewards Edit

Upon killing Madrukin, a rank is assigned to the player. This is based mainly on the time remaining. Depending on the rank received, the amount and quality of Cubicles from the cubes will be different.

Grade Score Time Remaining
S 878,600 points 51 minutes
A 878,600 points 48 minutes
B 878,600 points Anything below

Three cubes will spawn in the middle of the final chamber. The Aggressor's Cube will give cubicles respective to offensive stats (Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack and Magic Accuracy), the Defender's Cube will give defensive ones (Physical Defense, Shield Defense, Parry and Magic Defense) and Survivalist's Cube will give vitality and survival ones (HP, MP, Healing Boost, Evasion and Magic Resistance).

A bonus 4th cube of a random type will also be available on the bridge if <Struggling Dorunerk> spawned. This is determined by chance the moment the player enters the instance.

Quests Edit

The first quest can be picked up in Lakrum, and, once completed, will unlock the instance's key quest. Turning it in will unlock the daily repeatable quest for the instance.

Trivia Edit

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