PvPvE or Player Vs. Player Vs. Environment is the way in which players interact within the Abyss. Players must contend with each other, whilst also contending with the vast area contained within the 3 levels of the abyss which is home to many NPCs.

The PvP concept, one which many MMOs and MMORPGs integrate into their game, is a basic Player Vs. Player concept, in which players are pit against each other in various arenas, and sometimes even in open world gameplay. This allocation of space for PvP fighting in Aion is strictly Abyss-only. However, as mentioned before, the Abyss also include PvE, the simplest form of combat in an MMO.

PvE - Player Vs. Environment - is the quest-based gameplay iteration technique, where players go through the game, interacting with NPCs and completing quests. It is not exclusive to quests, however, in that players may kill any NPC (assigned 'killable') at any time.

The combination of the two aforementioned combat types has been integrated into Aion to create an entire world run by the players. Combat situations with this PvPvE realm include Seige-type games, where players gain control of NPC characters (hence the -pve section). Control of specific areas - Castles, for example - within the Abyss are fought for and held by Legions (equivalent of a Guild in many other MMOs) which other Legions can fight for. Within this control section, the players which are part of the controlling Legion gain funding from taxes, and are able to gain special discounts on travel and vendor items. The Abyss also includes Instances where players group together and go through a specific area or dungeon which is filled with 'killable' NPCs.

Participation within the PvP sector of the Abyss allows players to gain Abyss points . Players' participation also increases rank, which lead to changed appearance of Daeva wings. Points are awarded per kill, and deducted as such. More points are awarded for a kill of a higher rank , and fewer for a kill of a lower rank.

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