Pulverizer Cannon
Pulverizer Cannon
Tango mana 122
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 2m
Class Gunslinger
Level 55
Type Offensive
(Stigma Skill)
Target Area within a radius of target
Pulverizer Cannon
lvl 1
Inflicts 964 magical fire damage on up to 6 enemies within 20m fan-shaped area to the front, and absorbs 100% of the inflicted damage as HP. Repeat activation 2 times.
Stigma Skill
Area within a Radius of Target
Cast Time
Usage Cost
MP 122

Pulverizer Cannon deals damage on enemies within 20m fan-shape area to the front of the caster and absorbs it as HP. Can be used twice.

Acquisition Edit

Linked Stigma
  • Any combination of Greater and Major Stigmas

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